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Shop Like a Celebrity for Homecoming… on a Budget!

Affordable homecoming dresses and accessories are easy to find.


Shop Like a Celebrity for Homecoming… on a Budget!

This homecoming dress is just $99 and can be found at www.davidsbridal.com

David's Bridal
Homecoming season is in full swing, and so is your hunt for an affordable dress and super-cute accessories that won’t bend your budget. But just because you’re skimping on cash doesn’t mean you have to forsake style. I talked to David’s Bridal Style Council member Nicole Brewer to find out how to shop like a celebrity and save money at the same time. Here's our interview... with a little commentary by me thrown in for fun!

Q: Girls love getting style inspiration from the red carpet, but it's often hard to find affordable pieces that are super fashionable. Where can girls shop for a great homecoming dress on a budget?

Cassandra: First, it’s all about where you shop. It may be a good idea to stay away from high-end boutiques and retailers (you know who I’m talking about!) if you don’t want to tempt yourself with astronomical price tags. Instead, start scouring the more affordable stores, like David’s Bridal, Windsor Store and Charlotte Russe.

Nicole loves David’s Bridal in particular, and had these tips for shopping their website:

Nicole: David’s Bridal has great fashion at affordable prices. Don’t think about weddings or bridesmaids dresses, just look for hot trends on davidsbridal.com and find red carpet colors and styles that wont break the bank. Right now you may even catch a great sale. My fave dresses are under 100 bucks and can be worn again to another party or special event- just swap out accessories and switch up your hairstyle.

Cassandra: Nicole had a great point about accessories, and I always think the ones you can wear over and over with a ton of different outfits are the best buys. The super-cute spiked neon stilettos may be awesome, but how often can you really wear them?

Q. Can you recommend a great shoe style or color that will go with a ton of different dresses?

Nicole: Nude hues including metallic golds and bronze are the hottest shoes right now for day and even for evening. They work with any color dress and won’t compete or clash. Go neutral and you can’t go wrong.

Cassandra: I bought a pair of nude heels about four years ago, and they’re still my go-to shoe. I’m also careful to buy shoes that are truly comfortable and made well, even if they cost a little bit more. A pair of $30 shoes that will have you walking funny aren’t worth the investment. Spend a little more for quality materials and your new shoe will last longer.

Q. Where should girls splurge and where should they skimp when putting together a homecoming look?

Nicole: Splurge on a dress that makes you look and feel absolutely fabulous. Save on accessories: wear a shoe you’ve already road tested and know you can dance in all night. If you must buy new, go cheap on a clutch bag and earrings. Or borrow both from a friend! You can be sure no one has seen you wearing accessories that you borrowed from a friend!

Cassandra: Nicole has a great point about borrowing accessories. It might even be fun to get a bunch of your friends together before a dance to do an accessory swap!

Q. Do you have any tips for accessorizing on a budget? I like fun jewelry, but I don't want it to look cheap.

Nicole: Avoid trying to match your earrings to your necklace and your bracelet! It’s all about statement jewelry, so just choose one or two fabulous pieces that look special, work with your personality and compliment your dress.

Cassandra: I love checking out the statement jewelry at Forever 21. There’s usually something for everyone, and the selection changes so often that it’s easy to find your dream piece!

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