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Five Stylish Celebs To Copy for Prom!

These it-girls know how to rock formal style.


Formal style is in a category all its own. So, which celebs are best at putting it all together: the hair, the makeup, the dress, the shoes and the bag? Check out the top five celebs to look to for formal style inspiration, and use them as blueprints for your ultimate prom outfit.

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1. Taylor Swift

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Sometimes, it seems like Taylor Swift was born wearing a shimmery dress and an elaborate updo. Okay, okay... I know that's not true (she's actually spoken a lot about how hard it was to tame her frizzy hair in middle school), but you'd never know it by looking at her red carpet style today. She always wears the most flattering floor-length gowns that have just the right amount of sparkle. Her hair is always weaved into a new updo that's prom-perfect, and her makeup always compliments her dress, whether it's shimmery and light or red and vibrant. Check out some of Taylor's best white and gold gowns here. Taylor's secret is that she has a tried-and-true look and knows what looks good. She plays it safe and rarely strays from her champagne, white or pastel shimmery gowns, but that's okay. She looks flawless every time.

2. Sarah Hyland

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Sarah Hyland is a petite force to be reckoned with when it comes to formal style. She rocks short and long gowns effortlessly, which is something that's not always easy to do when you're on the shorter side. Her secret? She always dresses for her shape in mind. She wears heels with all her mini dresses to show off her toned legs, and she sports a fitted silhouette when her gowns are floor length. This is a girl who's not afraid to experiment, but will only go for what looks good on her. Sarah also gets creative with her long, curly hair... sometimes wearing it messy and beachy, other times sweeping it to the side. I've never seen her have a makeup flub or wear a mismatched accessory.

3. Bella Thorne

Getty Images
Bella Thorne's star is on the rise, but she's been ready for the spotlight for years. She always brings an element of creativity and fun to the red carpet, which isn't something I can say about every celeb! Whether it's a funky hair accessory, a wild color or a funky manicure, Bella brings it with class. She never goes overboard and always keeps us guessing. The key to getting style like Bella's is to show different sides of your personality with your accessories or prints... but keep it to a minimum. Bella balances this perfectly!

4. Kendall Jenner

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Kendall Jenner's formal style is all about being sophisticated. Even though she's only in high school, she dresses much more maturely, with sleek hair, refined makeup and modern silhouettes. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she's got three older sisters who are red carpet regulars and renowned fashionistas. If you're into looking stylish yet mature for prom, copy Kendall's red carpet looks, peruse runway photos and see what girls a few years older than you are wearing. It doesn't mean showing more skin, it just means going for a more refined look.

5. Emma Watson

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After the wild success of Harry Potter, Emma Watson emerged as one of the most stylish, fashion-forward celebs on the red carpet. From couture ball gowns to lace frocks and mini dresses with adorable cut-outs, Emma has worn them all with smashing success. Her secret? She has an eye for couture, always thinks ahead of the trends and isn't afraid to be daring. Remember when she cut off all of her Hermione hair? Her resulting sleek Twiggy-reminiscent hair made her all the more chic. Check out some of Emma's best dresses for inspiration.

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