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Get the Look: Taylor Swift Loves White and Gold

It’s easy to copy Taylor’s best outfits for your dance. Here’s how!


Taylor Swift’s style is just like her music: super feminine, a little bit wistful, and totally reminiscent of a fairytale. Lately Taylor’s favorite red carpet colors seem to be white and gold, which are pretty much perfect for a country princess. If you love Taylor’s dresses and want to copy her look for your special occasion, check out these photos for style inspiration.

Click on any of these photos to see the looks up close.

1. White Dress and Nude Heels

Getty Images
Taylor strikes a pose in a stunning white mini dress that’s feminine and flirty at the same time. I love the sheer sleeves of this dress, the sweetheart neckline and the swingy skirt. The lines and skirt add a ton of detail to a monochrome dress. Taylor accessorizes with a pair of nude heels, which every girl should have in her closet. They go with absolutely everything, in any season!

2. Dainty Teardrop Earrings

Getty Images
Taylor croons about teardrops on her guitar… but these teardrop earrings are the real thing, and are sure to bring a smile. Taylor’s dress is pure white here, so she’s smart to add some color with her accessories. Notice how her pale pink earrings play off her pink lipstick? It’s the details that make the outfit.

3. Gold Accessories… and Nails

Getty Images
Gold is my metal accessory of choice… and at this red carpet event, it was Taylor’s, too. Taylor stacked two chunky gold bracelets on top of each other: one has tiny jewels embedded into it, while the other is made of tiny colored stones that are intertwined with gold. She doesn’t stop there, though. Her nails are coated in a metallic bronze nail polish, which rounds out her entire look. Love it!

4. Gold and Bronze Fringe

Getty Images
Taylor’s ready to party in this dress that’s fit for a diva. The silhouette is simple while the fringe makes it memorable. I love how this dress works the ombre coloring… it fades from black and bronze to straight up gold at the end. And the fringe? It’s so dance worthy. Taylor wears her hair curly and down, which is a wise choice because an elaborate updo would only compete with all the glitz of this dress. She chose fierce red lips and accessorized with something she can’t live without… a microphone! I’d pair this dress with a pair of killer stilettos.

5. A Sweet Braided Updo

Getty Images
Here Taylor is sporting a sweet and simple white and beige colored dress, so she wisely styled her hair in an elaborate, eye-catching updo. It looks like she straightened her naturally curly hair before she twisted it into this ‘do, and she let her bangs fall straight across her forehead. My favorite part of her hairstyle is the rope braid that twists delicately across the entire look. You may need a friend or hairstylist to help you out with this look!

6. Metallic Smoky Eyes

Getty Images
Taylor has light hair and pale skin, so you don’t usually see her wearing super dark eyeliner and eye shadow. When she sports a smoky eye, she uses lighter colors that still pop, like a rusty bronze, soft maroon or light brown. She lined her top lid with a thin coat of black eyeliner and finished off her eyes with a pair of false eyelashes. Since Taylor is sporting an unusually bright red dress (we all have to experiment every once in awhile), she goes easy on the blush, with just a sweep of the palest pink across the apples of her cheeks. Her lip color is also a pale pink, and pretty close to her natural color.

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