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DIY Prom Accessories

Save money and get creative with DIY shoes, jewelry and bags!


Just getting to prom can be a huge expense, so it makes sense to DIY as much as you can! Think about it, you have tickets, photos, a dress, corsage or boutonniere, dinner… yikes! Things can get pricey, fast. To save some cash and stick to your prom budget, consider these easy, almost no-skills-required DIY prom projects. You’ll still look fab, will have one-of-a-kind accessories and can design these extras to match your dress exactly.

1. Make your own glitter heels.

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Take a pair of heels you already own (or buy a new pair of inexpensive ones), your favorite color glitter, and create the sparkle effect yourself. Add glitter to your heels, at your toes to follow the cap-toe trend, or all over. Here’s how: Use painter’s tape to section off the areas where you don’t want the sparkle. Then, use a brush to coat your selected areas with Mod Podge glue Buy Direct. Dip the glued parts into your glitter, and sprinkle glitter over the glue to make sure it covers every inch. Let it dry and voila- new shoes! Also check out how to make bow-adorned shoes.

2. Bejewel a pair of flats.

Take a pair of well-worn flats and give them an update by using Mod Podge to fasten large crystals and rhinestones to them. Outline the soles, create a cap toe, embellish the heels or create shapes.

3. Make your own prom headband.

Measure a piece of wide elastic (which can be found at any craft store like Michael’s or Jo-Ann Fabric) so it stretches to comfortably fit around your head. Then, glue a beaded appliqué (found at fabric stores) that complements your prom dress to it. After it dries, you’ll have a unique prom headband.

4. Turn chopsticks into hair sticks.

If you’re doing an updo, create custom hair sticks to make your look really pop. Coat the sticks with a small amount of glue and wrap a ribbon around them. After it dries, wrap jewelry-making wire around the ends, adding multi-colored beads as you go.

5. Make your own beaded bracelets.

Grab some beads from the craft store along with some stretchy elastic. Create a stack of bracelets using the beads you chose, tying them off when you’re done. You’ll have an instant stack of bracelets! More DIY bracelet ideas here.

6. Bejewel an old clutch.

Take a bag you don’t use anymore, or find a cheap plain clutch at a discount store, and make it your own. Use Mod Podge fabric glue to bejewel the clutch with rhinestones, add feathers, or dip it in glitter. Find a vintage-looking cameo or interesting stone to put in the center.

7. More DIY Prom Ideas

Intrigued by these DIY accessory ideas? There are a ton of other ways to save money at prom, too.

If you can’t afford a fancy new dress, try dressing up a plain dress instead. With some dramatic makeup, creative hair and statement accessories, your look will go from drab to daring.

Make a dress out of duct tape. It takes some time and creativity, but every year a few teens attend prom wearing dresses and tuxes made entirely of duct tape. Check out one duct tape prom creation here.

Do your own hair and makeup. There’s no need to hire a professional and go crazy with designer makeup. Get prom hair inspiration and prom makeup inspiration here, then head to the drug store and pick out the shades you’ll need.
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