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Date Help!

Dating advice for teens going to prom, homecoming or any school dance. For more date help, e-mail Cassandra at prom@aboutguide.com with your questions!

Craft the Perfect Homecoming Proposal
New, unique and creative ideas for asking your date to the dance... and impressing them so much that they'll say YES!

8 Easy Flirt Tips to Get Your Dream Dance Date
You know who you want to go to the dance with. The problem is getting them to ask you. Use these flirting tips to get their attention!

How to Write a Romantic Prom Proposal
Listing what you like about your potential date, keeping it sweet and using real words are keys to writing the perfect prom proposal letter.

Dance Advice: How Do I Get My Boyfriend to Ask Me to the Dance?
Amber is super shy, and so is her boyfriend.

Prom Problems: What to do When Your Date Ditches You!
Dear Cassandra, My date ditched me, and now he wants to be my boyfriend. What do I do?

The Guys at School Suck... Should I Even go to the Dance?
When your date options are limited... it's time to think creatively. Here's what to do if you can't fathom going to the dance with a guy from your school.

I Want Him to Ask Me to the Dance, But He Sees Me As A Sister!
Teen advice: He acts like he likes me, but he says I'm more like a sister! How can I get him to ask me to the dance?

How to Have a Romantic Prom
Paying attention to these details will ensure you and your date have a very romantic prom.

Prom Problems: Can I Switch Dates?
Our reader asked one guy to the dance, but now she wants to go with a different guy. What to do?

How to Find a Prom Date
No boyfriend or girlfriend? Consider these prom dates...

How Do I Get Him to Ask ME to the Dance?
Readers ask, I answer: How to get to know your crush so he'll do the asking!

How to Turn Down a Date to the Dance
You got asked to the dance... by someone you'd never go with! Here's how to graciously say no without looking like the bad girl.

How to Handle a Bad Date
Sometimes it's okay to ditch a date... others you'll have to stick out. Here's what to do when your dance date isn't a dream.

Reader Dilemma: My Boyfriend is Older... Can He Go to My Dance?
She's in 8th grade, he's in 9th. How do they manage school dances at different schools?

How to Ask a Girl to Prom
Creative ways to as a girl to prom that anyone can pull off!

Reader Dilemma: What to do When the Popular Guy is Your Date!
My prom date has a ton of friends... will he have enough time to spend with me? How do I get him to pay enough attention to me?

Are You Ready to Have Sex on Prom Night?
Questions to help you decide if you're ready to do it on prom night.

No Prom Date? No Problem!
Going to prom solo can be great- and here's why.

Can I Go To Homecoming Alone?
Yes! Here's how to have an awesome time at homecoming when your date is yourself (and your friends, of course!)

Can I Go Solo To Prom?
Why settle for a so-so date when you can go with a spectacular one... yourself!

What To Do If Your Prom Date Isn't Great
How to deal with a less than great prom date.

Ways to Ask a Girl to Prom
Memorable prom proposals to wow your date.

How to Ask a Date to the Dance
When it comes to a dance, the attire is a cinch - asking a date is the complicated part. What is a girl without boyfriend or the guy without girlfriend to do?

Reader Advice: My Boyfriend Hates PDA, Will He Even Dance With Me?
Teen Dating Advice - How Much PDA is Okay?

How To Take a Same-Sex Date to Prom
What do you do if you're gay and want to participate in the end-of-year festivities? Learn how to survive your senior prom if you're gay.

Can I Bring My Same Gender Partner to Prom?
If you decide to do it, it's best to be prepared and know your rights, so it can be a special night that you'll remember for the right reasons.

Snag a Prom Date
Why settle for a simple Hey, ya wanna go to prom? when you can charm your way into a dream prom date?

How to ask a Girl to Homecoming
Get a date to the dance!

After Prom Ideas
Keep the party going with these memorable after prom ideas.

How to Ask a Celebrity to Prom (or any Formal Dance)
These A-listers were persuaded by average teens and twenty-somethings to attend proms and Marine Corps balls. How'd they do it? Here's how to ask a CELEB to your formal event!

Reader Mail: What Should I Expect at Prom?
What really happens at prom? Reader questions, answered.

I’m Going to a New School- How Can I Get a Date to the Dance?
How to get a date to the formal dance when you're the new kid at school.

How to Handle Every Kind of Dance Date
The popular guy, the overly affectionate guy, the guy who hates PDA, the bad date... what to do about them all!

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