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How to Handle a Bad Date

Grin and bear it… or ditch? Here’s what you need to know.


Have the worst date ever? Here's how to deal...
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Unfortunately, at some point in your high school life, you may find yourself on a bad date at the dance. It’s an awkward situation, it can be embarrassing and it might make you want to spend the whole night hiding in the bathroom with your friends. Here’s what to do when your date is far from the guy of your dreams. Sometimes you’ll have to stick it out, other times it’s okay to call your parents and have them pick you up.

When it’s okay to ditch your date:

If your date is drunk. Underage drinking is never okay. If you smell alcohol on your date, he’s slurring his words, can’t walk straight or his eyes are strangely droopy, just walk away. A drunk date is a bad date, and you don’t deserve to be around an incoherent jerk on your big night. Plus, you don’t want to put yourself at risk of getting in trouble by being around him. Walk away!

If he’s dealing drugs or on drugs. Selling, taking illegal drugs or abusing prescription drugs isn’t okay, either. If your date is suddenly acting strange, if you see him smoking something or swallowing a suspicious pill, leave him behind. No matter how cute he is, he won’t be a great date if he’s messed up. Plus, like before, you don’t want to risk getting in trouble.

If he’s making out with another girl. The nerve! If this happens, head to your girl friends for support, hold your head up high and try to make the best of the remainder of your night. You might be tempted to make a scene by screaming and starting a fight, but the drama just isn’t worth it. You’ll feel better the next day knowing that you were the bigger person by just walking away from a toxic situation.

If he’s starting fights or trying to cause mischief. If your date is looking for trouble, leave him. His attention should be on you and having fun with his friends, not risky behavior.

If he's pressuring you to fool around or have sex. You're never obligated to do anything physical that you don't want to. If you get the sense that your date is only after one thing, if he's grabbing you inappropriately, being aggressive about getting you alone or trying to force you into an uncomfortable situation, get out of there.

When it's not okay to ditch your date:

If your date isn’t causing or looking for trouble, and is just kind of a geek, or talks a lot, isn’t that cute or just isn’t someone you’re crushing on… you’re going to have to suck it up. You already said yes to spending the dance with him, and it would be rude to ditch him just because. Here’s how to handle it:

Smile anyway. Don’t mope around, scowl and act like you’re being dragged onto the dance floor against your will. Put on a happy face and try to make the best of it.

Don’t ditch them in the middle of the dance. Just because you decide half way through the dance that you’d rather not be there, doesn’t mean that you can ditch your date. It’s bad etiquette and will cause a lot of hurt and heartache to your date.

Try to hang in a group instead of alone. Remember that just because you have a date to the dance doesn’t mean you have to hang solely with them all night. Stick to a group of your friends who also have dates. That way you’re with your date and all your friends.

Politely decline any after-dance plans he might have made. If your date wants to do something after the dance but you just can’t take it anymore, politely decline and just go home. Remember to be nice about it!

Don’t talk trash behind his back. It’s best to keep the eye rolling and snide remarks to yourself. Spare your date’s feelings and keep any gossip or harsh words to yourself.

Remember that it’ll be over soon. A dance only lasts a couple of hours. It’s just one night- not forever.

If he tries to make the moves, gently remind him that you’re just friends. You’re never obligated to make out with or fool around with anyone. Just because you’re on a date doesn’t mean you have to get physical. Tell him nicely that you’d like to keep the relationship platonic. If he’s overly persistent, aggressive and doesn’t get the hint, then it’s okay to ditch.
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