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Ways to Ask a Girl to Prom

Make your prom proposal memorable with these ideas.


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Want to ask a girl to prom? You’ll need a dash of courage, a few deep breaths, and a prom proposal that she can’t refuse.

But before you craft an elaborate plan that may take more thought than the history paper you have to write, think about what kind of girl she is. Would she want a grand prom proposal, or is she the kind of girl where a simple “Abby, will you go to prom with me” will do? Does she not mind being the center of attention, and would she like to be asked in front of the entire school? Or is she more on the shy side… preferring an audience of just her friends or even no one at all?

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No matter which way you choose to ask your date to prom, just remember that it’s your heart that counts. If you’re sincere, she’ll know, and your true intent will shine through.

Write her a note- in a foreign tongue.
If you’re taking Italian, French, Latin or any other foreign language, ask your teacher for help translating the sentence “Will you go to the prom with me?” Then, hand-write it fancy lettering on good stationary. Sign your name, fold it up and give it to her at school. Tell her that she might need some help from a certain language teacher for the translation, and to get back to you when she has her answer. You might want to brush up what “yes” and “no” mean in the language you wrote her the note in, just in case she decides to keep the foreign tongue flowing in her reply.

Chalk messages around her car.
Bring a bunch of colored chalk to school. When you know she’s nowhere near the parking lot, sneak around to her car and create a colorful masterpiece around it. You might want to enlist the help of a few friends if you’ve got limited time. Write “Casey… Prom… With… Elliot?” all the way around her car, starting with the first word near her rear tires, the second near the passenger side door, the third near the front tires and the fourth around the driver’s side. When school is over and you know she’s walking toward her car, trail behind her to see what her reaction is. Make your appearance after she sees your name. Hand her a rose and see what she says!

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A romantic meal for two… at her lunch table.
The night before you want to ask your girl to prom, tell her not to bring lunch to school the next day. Find out what her favorite foods are- drink, meal and dessert- then bring it all to school (you might want to preserve some of it in plastic containers to keep it from getting squashed in your backpack.) Bring nice utensils, napkins, festive plates and cups, and flowers as a centerpiece. Set it all up at her usual lunch table, and wait for her to arrive. Ask her to prom over your meal.

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Create a custom soda label
You’ll need to use your mad computer skills (or convince one of your friends to help you) to ask a girl to prom this way. Get a glass bottle of her favorite kind of soda and carefully remove the outer label. Then, use editing software like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to create a custom soda label that says “Prom with me?” Try to use a font similar to the soda’s logo and work in a photo of her, images of her favorite things, or just the outline of two people dancing. Print it out on thin colored paper, then use a tiny amount of craft glue to fix it to the bottle. Give her the soda at lunch, at a party or when you think the moment is right.

A football-style banner. You’ve seen those massive paper banners that the football team runs through before the start of a big game. Get a giant roll of paper that’s slightly smaller than that, but large enough to write “Will you go to prom with me?” on it. You might want to enlist a few friends to help you with the lettering and coloring. When you know she’s outside on the quad or even during practice after school, have a bunch of people unfurl the banner in front of her. Have your friends start chanting her name, and then run through banner so it bursts open. Run up to her and see if she says yes!

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Slip something into her textbook.
This one is going to take some stealth. When her books are left out on her desk, when you know you can slip into her backpack, or if you can get access to her locker, slip your prom proposal behind the front cover. It can be a card with a note, a photo collage you made of the two of you, or a hand-drawn piece of art asking her to prom. Make sure to include your name at the bottom in case she opens it when you’re not around.

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