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Dress Up a Boring Gown With These Tips!

Make a simple gown look stunning with these easy tips!


Have a simple one-color gown that fits well but could use a bit of a… lift? Whether it’s adding some sparkle, creating a dramatic hair and makeup look or even altering the hem, it’s actually pretty easy to dress up a plain dress. Check out these tips and pick a few to boost your gown’s potential. Just… don’t try them all at once!

1. Add costume jewelry.

It’s amazing what a piece of jewelry can do. Add a statement necklace to your dress, whether it’s a 16-inch necklace featuring wide stones and resin pieces or long strands of gold and silver. Or, slip on a wrist full of bangle charm bracelets and a huge cocktail ring, and watch your outfit suddenly shine.

2. Get creative with a brooch.

An artfully placed jeweled brooch can add a bit of sparkle to your dress in an instant. Pin it at the waist of your dress, on the bust or on a wide one-shoulder strap to add detail where there was none before!

3. Carry a bright bag.

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Let a stand-out bag be the focal point of your ensemble. Carry an oversized sparkle-encrusted clutch, a bejeweled purse with a chain strap or a brightly-colored purse to give your plain dress a boost.

4. Make your shoes the outfit centerpiece.

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If your dress is basic, your shoes have permission to be absolutely outrageous. Pick a pair of loud neon heels, jewel-encrusted pumps with a clear five-inch heel, or one-of-a-kind vintage wedges, and your outfit will suddenly rock.

5. Create a dramatic makeup look.

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Now is the time to experiment with a fun multi-colored eye shadow look, an excess of overly dark kohl eyeliner, or super bold lips in red, rich maroon or even purple.

6. Indulge in nail art.

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Imagine your dress as a blank palette and your nails as a canvas. Get creative by gluing on tiny jewels, stickers, and drawing on your own nail designs. Get nail inspiration here.

7. Go all out with your hair.

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As far as your outfit goes, a fabulous updo can mean the difference between boring and brilliant. Skip your every day loose style and create a curly updo, crimped hairstyle, or a braided look.

8. Add a headpiece or a hat.

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A vintage hat with netting that coyly covers your eyes, a jeweled headpiece wrapped around your updo, or even a 60s-inspired flower crown over flowing locks can make your outfit more stylish.

9. Experiment with a belt.

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If your dress has a defined waist, whether it’s empire or at your natural waist, add a belt! Try wide or skinny belts, elastic or tying a silk scarf into a cute bow.

10. Add your own embellishments.

Get creative! Maybe you’re extra handy with a needle and have some extra sequins lying around… sew them into a pattern! Or maybe you have an artsy flower that you can place on your sleeve or hip, or an old silk scarf that could be crafted into a bow. A plain dress is the perfect opportunity to play designer.

11. Have it hemmed.

A tailor can really do wonders for a worn-out frock. Have your gown shortened to a mini dress, and you won’t even recognize it! Or, have a short-sleeved or one shoulder dress made into a strapless gown, or have a tea-length gown turned into a high-low hem.

12. Add funky tights.

Lacy patterned tights, wild colored tights or even knee-highs can really do a lot to an outfit. When the dress is plain, the accessories should be bold!
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