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Formal Dance 101

FAQs about formals, answered! Who to take, how to ask them, what to wear, how to dance, formal etiquette and more!
  1. Prom Sex and Drinking (8)

How to Find a Prom Date
Who to ask to prom when you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Unique Ways to Ask HIM to the Dance!
Ideas from real girls who got their dream guy to say yes!

Prom Problems: My Date Forgot a Corsage!
Solving your prom problems with expert prom advice! What to do when your date disappoints.

Prom Transportation- New Ways to Get to Prom
Instead of taking a limo, consider these alternative options: a horse drawn carriage, surfer van, or classic car will do, too.

How To Choose a Prom Group: My Friends Versus His Friends
If you and your prom date have completely different friends, how do you choose a group to go to prom with?

What is Homecoming?
The high school tradition: explained!

Prom Date Dilemma: Who Should Pay?
Figuring out who should foot the bill for prom.

What Should I Order for Prom Dinner?
Worried about what to order for prom dinner? Choose tasty, be tidy!

Christian Teens and the Prom
From picking out the perfect dress to renting the stretch limo, the Prom is one of the most exciting times for Christian teens.

Before You Go To Prom
Prom night is one of the most anticipated nights on the teen calendar. We have some important prom saving tips for teens.

How to Make the Most of Prom Time
The prom is one of life's great adventures. You'll need to be ready with an arsenal of information and resources because there will be quite a bit to do!

Slow Dancing Tips for Teens
Learn slow dancing basics before you lock arms with your date.

Take Perfect Prom Pictures
How to ensure that your pictures will forever capture the best night of your life.

Best Model Poses for Dresses
Look like a model in your dress with these poses!

Look Like a Model in Photos
Tips for taking gorgeous formal photos.

Prama: What It Is and How To Avoid It
The increasing issues of prom drama has caused the New York Times to coin a term about the condition – "prama." Learn what it is and how to avoid it.

Sadie Hawkins Dance: A History Lesson
How a classic comic strip inspired a high school dance tradition. The history of the Sadie Hawkins Dance.

Must-Haves for the Ultimate Sleepover
After the dance comes the after party! Don't forget these sleepover essentials for your night...

History of Prom
Interested in how the American institution of prom began? Brush up on the history of our favorite teen tradition before hitting the dancefloor!

Best Prom Movies

What to Bring to Prom
What to bring to prom - what to pack for prom - prom essentials

How to Rock Your Back to School Dance
How to have the best dance ever...

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