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The Worst Prom Disasters… Ever.

Don’t let these embarrassing moments happen to you!


The Worst Prom Disasters… Ever.
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Some girls dream about going to prom all their lives, picturing it as one of the most perfect nights of their high school years! Others approach the night as a way to have fun with all of their friends, to celebrate the end of twelve long years of school, or as the chance to get glammed up in a gorgeous dress and have a true red carpet moment.

However you imagine your prom, I can guarantee it isn’t how these unfortunate prom-goers ended their nights. From brushes with law enforcement to being banned for an inappropriate dress, check out these major prom disasters.

Chaperones Misbehaving. Teachers or school staff chaperoned my prom, but apparently some schools invite parents to do the honors… and it’s not always pretty. Two overbearing mothers were chaperoning their teens’ prom at Manitou Springs High School in Colorado, and decided that they did not like the dancing that was going on. Instead of talking to school staff, or even asking the dancers to tone it down, they took matters into their own hands and brought out Lysol disinfectant. They sprayed the offending prom goers for their “dirty dancing and called some of the girls “whores” and “sluts.” What the?! Police came, some teens claimed to have gotten the spray in their eyes and mouths, and one teen decided to press charges. My biggest question: who the heck brings Lysol disinfectant to a prom?

Girl Handcuffed for Defying Dress Code. Texas high schooler Marche Taylor decided to buck her school’s dress code for prom, showing up in a dress (can we even call this a dress?) that consisted of a mini skirt and a strip of yellow material across her chest. So basically, all of her torso was exposed. School officials wouldn’t let her into the dance, but Taylor refused to go home and change. In fact, she wouldn’t leave the venue at all. Police were called, Taylor got aggressive, and she had to be handcuffed and shoved into a patrol car before she calmed down. I don’t know, sounds to me like she was more interested in making a scene than actually attending her prom.

Taking a Dip Before Prom. Group prom photos are practically a prerequisite for your scrapbooks. You get twenty of your closest friends together, plus their dates, everyone stands in a line and tries to hold a smile while forty parents snap pics. Simple, right? Except when it’s on a pier, and the pier collapses, and everyone ends up taking a dip in murky water and totally ruining their formal wear! Horrible. I hope at least some of those dresses were salvageable. Check out the pics here.

Arrested for Alcohol. Alcohol at prom is never a good idea. It’s illegal, dangerous and can totally ruin your night. Still, every year there are teens who think it’s a good idea to get wasted at prom, and they apparently don’t think about the consequences, like getting arrested. Three Indiana teen guys were arrested at prom this year for being drunk at prom, and they were taken to jail instead of the post-prom parties. But Ohio’s Jessica Halter took it one level further. She got drunk and then proceeded to attack the cops who came to arrest her at prom! She was eventually hauled off to jail and charged with assaulting a cop, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct in addition to underage drinking. Alcohol can bring out the worst in people’s personalities… it’s best to steer clear of it until you’re 21.

Mom Arrested for Teen’s Prom Party. It’s bad enough if a teen gets arrested for alcohol during prom… but their mom, too? That’s a doubly bad night. Georgia’s Racheal Arrington was arrested after hosting a group of 24 teens post-prom for a party involving alcohol. Arrington’s daughter said they brought the alcohol to her house and her mom had nothing to do with it, but it didn’t matter. Arrington was arrested for facilitating underage drinking, while the party-goers on site were given citations.

Avoid these prom night disasters! Here are some tips for:
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