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Homecoming and Winter Formal

All about homecoming and winter formal! Dresses, hairstyles, how to get a date and more!
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  2. Winter Formal (12)

Winter Formal Style Tips
From tights to blazers, use these tips and tricks to look fabulous for your winter formal!

Trends in Winter Formal Dresses
It's all about feathers, ruffles and sequins! Stay stylish for winter formal 2011.

New Year’s Outfit Ideas
How to dress for New Year's Eve (hint: inspiration comes from the ball drop in Times Square!)

How to Rock Winter Tights
Tips for wearing winter tights under fancy dresses.

How to Pair Jackets With Dresses
The perfect fall and winter jackets to wear with dresses. Straight from the runway and the red carpet!

Winter Formal Theme Ideas

New Year's Eve Looks for Last-Minute Parties!
When the Ball Drops: What to Wear to New Year's Parties!

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