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New Year’s Outfit Ideas

Wardrobe ideas for when the ball drops


My grandmother used to tell me that whatever you’re doing on January 1, you’ll be doing for the rest of the year. So, I always scramble to make sure I’m doing something other than recovering from whatever New Year’s party I find myself at the night before. Laying around all day eating snacks and watching movies? No. Getting together with friends and going somewhere fab? Yes.

Of course, part of making sure my year will be fabulous is locking in some smashing plans and a sparkly New Year’s outfit to count down to midnight in. Whether it’s a house party at my boyfriend’s house, crashing a friend’s parents fancy New Year’s party, or a sleepover with my besties, I always make sure I have somewhere to celebrate… and a unique ensemble to do it in.

My New Year’s outfit is always inspired by the crystal-covered ball that drops in Times Square and the thousands of people that gather to watch it. Here are a couple New Year’s outfit ideas for you to put together. If you need to add a piece to your wardrobe to complete the look, no worries- just wait until December 26, when everything will be on sale!

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1. Metallic Skirt

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Actress Madeline Carroll wore this adorable patterned metallic mini skirt to a red carpet event, and she should definitely re-wear it for New Year’s. Try a metallic mini, a pleated metallic skirt or even a metallic bubble skirt. Pair it with a solid-color top to make the piece pop, carry a metallic clutch and top it off with a long necklace or brooch.

Click on any of these photos to see the looks up close!

2. Layer with a Blazer

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If you’re looking for a New Year’s outfit that’s a little more laid back, layer a blazer over a delicate top, like Taryn Manning did for a holiday event. She accessorized with a long necklace, black suede boots and a warm knit hat that her bangs peek out of. Taryn looks like the ultimate holiday hipster!

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3. A Fabulous Headpiece

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To accessorize like a fashion editor, add a daring headpiece to your ensemble. Black netting falling over one eye gives off a 1920’s starlet vibe, especially when it’s paired with matte lips. If you can’t find a vintage hat, top your tresses with an intricate hippie headband, or a traditional headband decorated with a feather, a cluster of crystals and beads or a flower.

If you really want to get creative, craft your own headpiece. Take a trip to your local fabric store and find a thin headband or thick elastic material to use as the base. Then shop around the jewelry section for a pretty cluster of beads, a colorful feather or a unique flower to fasten onto your new headband. Your friends will admire your style and creativity!

Want to see more headpieces? Check out Nicole Richie's sparkly tress topper.

4. Sequin Cardigan

Getty Images
To add a tad of sparkle to your New Year’s outfit, copy Australian model Jennifer Hawkin’s sequined cardigan. Hers is long and loose, adding a suggestion of sparkle that can be layered over nearly anything- black jeans a loose top, shorts and tights or even a body-hugging dress. Jennifer’s is a festive pink, but I’ve seen black and gold sequined cardigans on the racks that are just as fab.

If you can't find a sequin cardigan but you still want to sparkle, carry a sequin rectangle clutch. One in nearly any color will do!

Find the perfect evening clutch.

5. A Feather Dress

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Slim cut feathers add dimension and movement to any outfit. Gabrielle Union wore a little black dress updated with a feather skirt and simple black strappy stilettos, and her outfit was a total win.

To get this look, try a dress that either features feathers on the top or the bottom. The skirt could be made of feathers, or the bodice or shoulders could have feather accents. If you're afraid of looking too fluffy, don a headpiece with a single feather or add dangly feather earrings to your outfit.

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