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18 Unique Homecoming Dresses Under a Hundred Bucks!


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Stylish and Affordable… What’s not to Love?
18 Unique Homecoming Dresses Under a Hundred Bucks!

David's Bridal Homecoming Dress Style 310907, $99. Available in sizes 1-15 in stores and online

David's Bridal
There are a ton of affordable homecoming dresses online and in stores- you just have to know where to look! I combed my favorite places for the most unique homecoming-worthy frocks I could find and compiled them here for your shopping pleasure. The best part is, all of them are under $100! That leaves plenty of room for shoes, a bag and cute accessories. Sweet.

This adorable mini dress is by David’s Bridal, and is only $99! Buy it here. I love the light and dark purple sequin detailing on the bust, and the way the two-tone tulle adds dimension. You’ll be a total knock out in this fuchsia number!
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