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Affordable Homecoming Dresses for 2012


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These frocks won't break the bank!
Affordable Homecoming Dresses for 2012

These Wet Seal dresses are wallet-friendly!

These homecoming dresses are just as chic, frilly and trendy as the designer ones… but their price tags are way more wallet friendly! All of them range from just $30 to $90. Now that is an affordable dress. Even though these frocks have a skimpy price tag, they’re still full of sparkle, sequins, pretty hems and plenty of ruffles, proving you can have it all without spending it all.

Both of the homecoming dresses pictured here are from Wet Seal. Buy Direct. The hot pink frock is just $34.50, chock full of sequins and features a trendy high-low hem. The hue will certainly make you stand out at your dance, but if pink isn’t your thing, the dress also comes in a totally glam black or white.

The black and white mini dress on the bottom has lots of sequins and plenty of ruffles. At only $44.50, it’s practically a steal! Pair this frock with black glitter sequin pumps and a stack of spiked bangles, and you’ll have an outfit to remember.
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