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Cute Homecoming Hair Ideas

Easy braids, updos and messy twists to tie together your look.


Where’s the best place to get ideas for homecoming hair? The red carpet, of course. I’ve spotted tons of creative buns, curls, up ‘dos and down ‘dos at premiere parties all over the globe lately, and I’ve compiled the best of them here. Most of them are super easy to copy, too! So grab your best friend plus a couple of bobby pins, a can of your favorite hairspray and a medium-barrel curling iron, and start styling.

Click on any of these photos to see the styles up close!

1. Pinned-Up Braids

Getty Images
Vanessa Hudgens takes pinned up braids to another level with this style. She braided different sections of her hair into small and medium sized braids, and then wrapped them around her head and used bobby pins to secure them. She left a few strands in front to frame her face and curled them for added texture. The result is a little bit boho, a lot glam. This style would work well with a hanky hem or floor-length homecoming gown.

2. Two Buns

Getty Images
Taylor Swift elegantly updates the famous Princess Leia buns with this style. She left the natural curls in her hair for texture, and then divided it into two sections. Then, she twisted her hair into two low buns at the nape of her neck. The trick to making this ‘do work is to twist the hair towards your neck when you’re forming the bun, and leave the ends loose. She finished off her hairstyle with a gorgeous gold and pearl hair pin.

3. Big, Beachy Hair

Getty Images
Can you say va-va-volume? Sarah Hyland brought her hair to new heights with this messy ‘do, which totally says beach babe. The beauty is in the messiness and imperfection. Sarah parted her hair in the middle, then likely used a flat iron to create kinks and a wide-barrel curling iron to create waves in all different directions. Then, she probably back combed (or teased) her hair and used hair spray to create volume. You can add a little bit of lightweight pomade to the ends to create the just-surfed-a-wave salty look. The secret to this style is to never curl or kink your hair in the same direction.

4. Side-Swept Waves

Getty Images
Sarah Hyland toned down the volume for this gorgeous formal ‘do, but the result is still the same: fabulous hair that would be perfect for homecoming! Part your hair slightly off-center, then use a wide barrel curling iron to create big waves that start at the middle of your hair. Sweep your hair to the side, and secure the strands just above the nape of your neck using two or three bobby pins. Make sure to use hair spray to hold the curls!

5. Low, Messy Bun

Getty Images
Selena Gomez always has great hair. Here, she swept her dark locks back into a low pony tail, then twisted them into a messy bun at the nape of her neck to create a cute up ‘do. Pull a few pieces out of the bun and pin them around the nape of your neck to create more texture and volume. Leave a section of hair hanging down on the front left side of your face and curl it for added detail.

6. The Fishtail Ponytail

Getty Images
Blake Lively’s hair has always turned heads. Here, she takes her long locks and sweeps them back into a high ponytail, which she then weaved into a fishtail braid. Gently tug on each weaved peace to copy the wide, messy look of her braid.

7. Cropped Curls

Getty Images
Ashley Benson recently chopped off her long locks, but that doesn’t mean she has a boring bob! She created a diagonal side part and then used a flat iron to create small waves in her hair that face all different directions. The result is a cute formal ‘do that’s perfect for homecoming!

8. Old Hollywood Hair

Getty Images
Katy Perry’s go-to ‘do is the classic Old Hollywood finger waves. This hairstyle instantly glams up any outfit, especially when it’s paired with matte red lips. Part your hair on the side, then use a wide barrel curling iron to create waves that cascade down the front. Loosen them up with your fingers and spray to hold. Make sure your hair is styled completely off your forehead- no bangs in sight!

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