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Homecoming Beauty Ideas

Hairstyle and makeup looks for your fall homecoming dance.


You’ve got your homecoming ensemble all picked out… now it’s time to find the perfect hair and makeup to complete your look. Whether you’re into red-hot lips, Old Hollywood glam or pretty, shimmery pastels, check out these ten beauty ideas for your fall dance before you lift a makeup brush. You’ll be the most glamorous gal on the dance floor!

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1. Sweet and Peachy

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I’m in love with Taylor Swift’s pale pink lipstick! It’s got just enough sheen to be glamorous for homecoming, but it’s not so pink that it’s overpowering. Plus, the shade goes well with her light hair and pale skin. For eye makeup, Taylor uses a medium shimmery brown to create a smoky eye and to outline her lower lash line. She uses a gold shimmer shadow on the inside of her eyes to make them appear brighter.

2. Sophisticated ‘n Fun

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Kendall Jenner is also wearing a pretty pink lip color, but hers is a shade paler. Kendall keeps her eye makeup simple, with black liquid eyeliner lining her top lid and a coat of gold metallic shadow. She also used plenty of what looks like black lash-lengthening mascara. Kendall is going for the couture runway look with her slicked back hair ‘do.

3. Old Hollywood Glam

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If you want to make your homecoming ensemble instantly glamorous, channel the stars from the golden age of Hollywood, like Katy Perry did here. She’s sporting a classic side part and loose curls (sometimes called finger waves)… with no bangs in sight. She used an eyebrow pencil to darken and define her brows- this creates extra drama and is great for after-dark. Soft gray and maroon eye shadow were used to create her smoky eye, and she put a dab of white shimmer on the inner corners of her eyes to make them pop. She also made sure to define her lips with rose lipstick.

4. Pleasantly Pastel

Getty Images
Want contrast? Emma Watson made her dark eyes pop by using light grayish-blue eye shadow on her upper lids. If you look closely, you can also see a quick sweep of the hue on her bottom lid. She completed her look by using a pale peach eye shadow on her brow bone. Emma keeps her lip color simple by matching her lipstick to her natural color. To get Emma’s hair, use a flat iron to create flips and waves in your hair, then top it off with some lightweight pomade.

5. Sun-kissed Glow

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Blake Lively looks like the perfect Malibu beach babe with this makeup. Use self-tanner to get a bronze glow like Blake’s (I’m not a fan of scorching yourself in tanning beds for a dance- it’s not worth the skin damage!) Coat your top and bottom lashes with black mascara. Then, use gold shimmer powder on the inner corners of your eyes and to line your lower lash line. Sweep some orange and peach shadow on the middle of your lids and on your brow bone. I like to call this the sunset eye. For lips and cheeks, use a healthy medium pink hue. As for hair, anything that isn’t too done up will do. Blake’s messy fishtail braid is the perfect finish to her beachy look.

6. Autumnal Makeup

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Demi Lovato’s beauty look is perfect for fall dances. Her hair is elegantly swept back with just a few tendrils hanging down. Her smoky eye starts off with thick black eyeliner on the top lid and a set of false eyelashes. She uses a sweep of dark brown shadow to line her bottom lids, and light brown shimmery shadow to round out the look. For lips and cheeks, she uses a dark rose color that reminds me of fall foliage and plays nicely off the color of her dress!

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