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Prom for Guys

Guys: here's everything you need to know about going to prom, homecoming and formal dances. Tuxedo help, shoe basics, date help and more!

A Guide For Guys: What is Semiformal, Formal, and Ultraformal Attire?
The differences between Semiformal, Formal and Ultraformal attire.

Prom Tips For Guys: How to be a Good Date
Simple tips guys can use to make the most of their prom night and be a great date.

Just for Guys: Teen Grooming Tips for Prom
How guys can get great hair, skin and nails for prom.

Accessories for a Prom Tuxedo
With the help of accessories, you can infuse your prom tuxedo with your own stamp of individual style.

The Anatomy of a Classic Tuxedo
A closer look at the anatomy of a classic tuxedo, from ties to bow ties to no ties.

Prom Shoes for Boys
The classic black tux is painstakingly easy to choose; the formal shoes, however, are far more complicated. The key is to find a pair that manages to be comfortable - comfortable on your foot and comfortable on your ego.

Grooming for Guys
Polish off your prom look with top-notch grooming habits.

Rent a Tuxedo
The tuxedo seems so simple: what could be complicated about a pair of pants, a blazer, and a buttondown? The confusion arises when you pop into a tuxedo shop and are presented with hundreds of choices: Do you want enamel or pewter cufflinks? Do you want a notched or peaked collar? Do you want a double or single breasted jacket? Scan this simple how-to and you'll be tux-shopping like a …

How To Tie Your Tie
The ability to tie a tie often looks tricky from an unknowing eye, but with a few minutes of practice, you'll be a tie-tying pro for years to come.

Polish Your Look With a Patterned Tie
Instead of wearing an ordinary solid-colored tie like every other guy at the dance, polish your look with a funky patterned tie. Let that personal style shine with a sleek stripe, playful polka dot, or whimsical animal pattern.

Men in Suits: Prom Inspiration from Your Favorite Celebs
Take a peek at our favorite celebs in suits for prom inspiration.

How to Dress for Prom: A Guide for Guys

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