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Ways to Wear a Prom Tiara

Royal crowns aren’t just for the prom queen


Some high schools crown one girl prom queen during the big night, and top it off by giving her a special prom tiara to wear for the rest of the dance. Getting elected prom queen is often a huge popularity contest. If you’re into running, go for it. But, if you’re just not up for the drama, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear a tiara anyway. It’s your night, your dress, and if you want to crown yourself, why not?

Prom tiaras come in many varieties, from headbands to hair combs and full-out princess-style round crowns. Here are my favorite prom tiara looks and the best ways to wear them:

Click on any of these photos to see the look up close!

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1. The Headband Tiara

Getty Images
Avril Lavigne wore a headband tiara during a fashion show for her clothing line Abbey Dawn. Instead of wrapping around the top of her head, her tiara actually forms the very top of a headband. These are super-easy to place on your head and look best when paired with straight down, long and loose or half up, half down hairstyles. Make sure the headband fits snuggly on your head. If it’s loose, secure it by tucking a few bobby pins over it just above your ears.

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2. Another Headband Tiara

Getty Images
You can also fasten your headband tiara back around your head like the model in this photo… just make sure your hair falls over the back of your tiara.

3. A Mini Triangle Tiara

Getty Images
Understated and elegant, a mini triangle prom tiara adds just enough sparkle to your tresses. You’ll want to position one of these about halfway between your forehead and the middle of your head. If you’re wearing your hair down, it’s easiest to fashion one of these when it’s attached to a hair comb. Tease the front portion of your hair into a small pouf, comb it back, and secure it with the comb. Let the rest of your hair hang straight down, or curl it into soft waves. If your crown jewels are attached to a tiara that forms a circle, it’ll be easier to position it into an updo.

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4. The Round Mini Crown

Getty Images
Round tiaras are what most girls think of when they hear the word “tiara.” These sit forward on your head, just above your forehead, and will wrap all the way around to the back of your ‘do. They look best when paired with updos and hairstyles with a lot of volume: that way you have something to rest the tiara in. You’ll have to fiddle with it a bit to get it to rest just so. Some come with tiny combs on the back for securing purposes. But, it’s best to have some small bobby pins handy to make sure your tiara stays in place. After all, you don’t want to lose it on the dance floor!

5. More of the Round Mini Crown

Getty Images
Paris Hilton rocks an adorable round mini crown at an event in Los Angeles. Even though her hair is down, she manages to pull off the crown effortlessly by hiding its ends underneath her hair. The key to pulling off round crowns with loose hair is volume! If your hair is naturally curly, let your voluminous hair do it’s thing- you’ll be able to hide the tips of your crown easily. If your hair is finer, tease it up a bit.

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6. The Jeweled Headband

Getty Images
Not ready for the height of a tiara, but want to add some sparkle to your locks? Go for a flat crystal headband, like Kiera Knightley. The jewels fall just above her forehead, where a crown would be, and wrap all the way back underneath her half-up ‘do.

7. The Hair Pin Tiara

Scarlett Johansson created her own tiara by tucking three pretty hair pins into her updo. If you find some sparkly pins that you just have to have, buy three or four of them and tuck them into your hair for a creative and eye-catching look.

8. The Halo Crown

Getty Images
While this type of crown screams prom royalty, it should be reserved for Miss America Pageants and the Queen of England. Halo crowns will be heavy on your head, won’t stay on when you’re dancing, will distract from your dress, hair, makeup… and well, everything really. I wouldn’t recommend a tiara this big for prom. It’s just too much!

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