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Prom Planning

Welcome to prom planning 101! Find prom themes, decoration help, after-prom ideas and much more.

The Top Prom Songs For 2013
These songs are romantic, nostalgic, and will make your class want to flock to the dance floor.

How to Plan a Prom
A month-by-month checklist that details every step of prom planning.

How to Prep for Prom
A checklist to make sure your hair, nails, makeup and plans are in order for your big night.

Romantic Prom Themes
Celebrate every couple with these romantic prom themes.

Prom Themes: Exotic Locations
Stuck on ideas for prom themes? Travel around the globe with these worldly ideas.

Top 5 Classic Prom Themes
If you attend more than one prom during your high school existence, chances are one of the prom themes will be one of these classic choices.

Ideas for Prom Venues
Creative ideas for prom venues. It's all about location!

How to Book Prom Venues
Quick questions to ask when booking prom venues.

After Prom Clothes
Your post-prom outfit should match your plans!

The Best Prom Websites for Prom Planning
These top prom websites will make planning and decorating your prom a snap.

How to Choose Prom Invitations
Pick the best prom invitations with these tips.

Post-Prom Party Ideas
You spent hours getting ready, you dined, you danced - so now what?

Throw the Ultimate Prom After Party
Your prom after party will be just as fun as the prom itself with these ideas!

How to Rent a Limousine - Arriving in Style in a Limo
Renting a stylish ride is easier than you think. Arrive in style in a fancy limousine.

Lose the Limo: Clever Prom Transportation
You can take the classic prom transportation route and order a cliched limo... or you can be creative and make a jaw-dropping grand entrance.

2011 Prom Songs
Want a prom song that you've been jamming to all throughout the 2010-2011 school year? Check out these suggestions.

Prom Committee Duties
What your prom committee should be doing, from picking a theme to booking a venue!

Ideas for Prom Subcommittees
Ideas for prom subcommittees that will make party planning much, much easier!

Totally Fun Prom Movies from the 2000s
Prom movies made after 2000 - Movies with prom scenes

Prom Themes for 2014
Ideas for prom themes that you haven't thought of before. Plan the best prom ever!

The Best Prom Apps for iPhone
Download these prom apps for iPhone to help design your dress, create a makeup look, craft a hairstyle, and stay on budget.

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