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Perfecting Your Winter Beauty Regimen

Beauty tips for the coldest months!


Winter can wreak havoc on your hair and skin… which isn’t so great if you have a winter formal or fabulous New Year’s party coming up. But, if you alter your beauty regimen just a bit by incorporating these winter beauty tips into your daily routine, you can look fresh for your big event, just as if it were the first day of spring.

I always know when it’s time to start altering my beauty routine. The dry air makes my lips chapped, my legs are extra dry and the skin on my face always feels tighter and in need of extra moisturizer. Blech. If you’re unsure of exactly when to start a winter beauty routine, just do it at the first sign of frost or dropping temps.

1) Fight chapped lips with Vaseline. Avoid chapsticks with menthol- they may provide temporary relief, but they’re harmful to your lips in the long run. Your lips can actually become addicted to certain kinds of chapsticks, and then they can’t moisturize themselves properly without it!

2) Resist the urge to lick your lips. It may provide temporary relief, but it can actually cause them to dry out, especially during the winter months.

3)Watch out for split ends. Cold temps and dry air can lead to dry hair, cracked hair shafts and unsightly split ends. If yours are already on the bad side of breakage, get a trim to start with fresh, healthy ends. Then, pay extra attention to the ends of your locks by applying a smidgen of serum every morning to keep them moisturized, strong and healthy. Shops serums: Buy Direct.

4)Style with low heat. We all love our styling tools, but when we use them on our hair over and over, they can be damaging, especially during the dry winter months. Set them on medium or low heat instead of high, and try to limit the number of times you use them. Better yet…

5)Use no-heat hairstyles. Create waves by weaving damp hair into braids and sleeping on them. Or, curl your hair by creating sock curls or even sleeping in foam curlers (they’re super old fashioned, but they definitely work!). You can also let your hair dry naturally and then weave it into a low chignon or a high, messy bun.

6)Use a shower cap. If you created gorgeous waves yesterday and want to re-style them the same way today, there’s no need to start all over again. Use a shower cap to protect your style and save your hair from the extra heat. If your roots are looking a little greasy, spray a bit of dry shampoo on them to freshen things up.

7)Exfoliate regularly. Help along dead skin cells by exfoliating them off in the shower. Do this at least three times a week in the winter, and you’ll notice your skin has a healthier glow.

8)Pat yourself dry after the shower. Lock in moisture by patting yourself dry with a towel instead of rubbing. Rubbing can cause your skin to flake off and dry out fast.

9)Take care of your nails. Dry air can make your nails peel and break easily. So, keep them trimmed, moisturized with nail serums, and use acetone-free nail polish remover to prevent damage. Push back your cuticles after every shower instead of having them trimmed by a manicurist.

10)Use self-tanner instead of tanning beds. If you’re feeling pale and sun-depraved, don’t rush into a tanning bed. Save your skin from UV damage and use self tanner instead. St Tropez is the brand coveted by beauty editors. If self-tanner isn’t your thing, a bronzing blush can be a quick fix for pale cheeks.
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