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Stay Stylish & Cozy in Winter Tights

It’s the ultimate winter accessory: tights!


It’s officially winter and the temps are dropping… but I’ll still be wearing dresses, especially to formal events, holiday parties and of course, New Year’s Eve. And most of my outfits won’t be without my favorite winter accessory: tights!

Patterned, opaque, colorful or sparkly, winter tights can really make an outfit. Plus, they’re the perfect for fighting off those unwanted winter party guests: wind, rain and the ultimate outfit-ruiner: snow.

Here are a few fabulous photos of winter tights worn the right way. Click on any of these photos to see the looks up close!

1. Opaque Black.

Getty Images
You probably have a pair of these stuffed into your drawer. They’re a wardrobe staple. Worn well, black opaque tights add a smart and fashionable element to your outfit, keep you toasty and can hide the fact that you haven’t shaved your legs in a day. Just make sure that there’s black in your dress or that goes seamlessly with the rest of your outfit. Black is a bold color, and you don’t want it to overpower your dress. Alexandra Shipp (pictured) paired her tights perfectly to her dress.

2. Sparkle Tights.

Getty Images
Your holiday style wouldn’t be complete without a bit of sparkle! I love these shimmering blue tights on Paola Barale. They bring her little black dress for basic to dazzling, make her legs glow, and are totally envy-inducing. Sparkle tights look great in photos, but they can be a bit hard to see if you’re at an evening event that doesn’t have great lighting. If blue isn’t your thing, try them in gold.

3. Polka Dot Tights.

Getty Images
On the left, we have Kourtney Kardashian looking every bit the fashionista she is in gorgeous polka dot tights. On the right we have Kim Kardashian, who should have added a pair of tights to her ensemble, because she is seriously being out-styled by her sister. The polka dot trend isn’t going away, either… you can expect to see spots well through spring.

4. Striped Tights.

Getty Images
Taylor Swift donned head-to-toe black for an outdoor concert, but her outfit wasn’t boring thanks to lots of texture. She’s sporting a lace shirt, pleated skirt, and striped tights that give her outfit that extra oomph. Nice touch on the red lips, too, btw.

5. More Striped Tights.

Getty Images
I guess country singers know how to rock a striped tight! Carrie Underwood sported striped tights on a late night talk show, showing off plenty of leg without revealing too much skin. If your winter dress is looking a bit short, adding tights is a great way to cover up and be more modest.
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