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Winter Makeup the Celebs are Wearing

Eye shadows and lip colors for cold-weather parties & dances!


Cold weather is officially here, and my skin is feeling it. I’ve already started in on my winter beauty regimen and am following my tried-and-true winter beauty tips tailored specifically for the frigid months, and I have to say that my face and hair are holding up against the snow and wind pretty well.

Along with switching up my regular beauty routine, I’m switching up my makeup. I’ve swapped out eye shadow shades, blush hues and am wearing more lipstick over lip gloss. Winter is the time for darker eye shadows and eyeliners, and richer, bolder lip colors.

I combed the red carpet for the best winter makeup looks on my favorite celebrities, and saw lots of dark eyeliner, dusty purple gray eye shadow, and mauve lips. Of course, there are a few surprises thrown in here and there, too, like bright, light pink lips! Check out the photos below for winter makeup looks perfect for your formal or party. Click on any of the photos to see the beauty looks up close!

1. Purple Gray Eyes, Mauve Lips and Penciled Brows

Getty Images
Katy Perry is sporting this winter’s most popular beauty look: purple gray eye shadow, dark eyeliner and mauve lips. She also matched her blush color to her lips to tie the whole look together. To brighten up the eyes, Katy added a dab of white sparkle shadow to her top and bottom inner lids. To make the look even more dramatic, Katy’s brows are penciled in. It gives her face a more dramatic, Old Hollywood look, and is perfect for the cold weather.

2. Gray Eye Shadow, Dark Liner and Natural Pink Lips

Getty Images
If you want a polished, high-fashion winter look, emulate Emma Roberts. Her slicked back hair is clean and won’t suffer from winter’s worst trait: static! She’s using a middle gray sparkle eye shadow on her middle and outer lids, and a touch of white sparkle on the inner lids. She also swept a bit of gray shadow under her bottom lid to tie the look together. It looks like she’s using a lip gloss that’s very close to her own color lips, which is wise. You don’t want to have very dark lips and paired with dramatic eyes- it can look clownish.

3. Dark Eyes and Pink Lips

Getty Images
Bright, light pink lips are making a comeback in a big way. Here, it-Brit girl Pixie Lott shows us exactly how to wear the retro hue. It goes well with her kohl-lined eyes and peach shadow.

4. Dramatic Eyes and Light Pink Lips

Getty Images
Ke$ha is also sporting the retro light pink lip look in an even paler shade. She contrasts it with super dark eyeliner for a wintry punk vibe. She has black matte eye shadow on her upper lids and a touch of light brown shadow on her brow bone to open up the whole look.

5. Red Lips and Multi-Colored Shadow

Getty Images
Vanessa Hudgens is looking sweet in this red lipstick! Her eyes are especially colorful too, with black kohl eyeliner, a sweep of sparkly copper shadow under her lower lash line, white sparkle shadow on her inner eye, gray shadow on her lids and shimmery purple shadow in the outer corners of her eyes up to her brow bone. She tops it off with a generous coat of mascara.

6. Brown and Gold Shadow with Dark Pink Lips

Getty Images
Nicole Richie is going for an earthy winter look with her shadow-lipstick combination. Like the others, she uses a kohl black eye liner to line her entire eye. Then, she uses a brown copper shadow on her lid and upper brow bone into the corner of her eye. She highlights it with a touch of gold shadow. It also looks like she swept a bit of sparkle gray shadow under her lower lid. She finishes off her look with matte natural pink lipstick.
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