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Glamorous Headbands: Glitz Up Your Updos With Headbands


Add a little Blair Waldorf-inspired glamour to your updo with a headband, unbeatable for high style and easy elegance.

1. Satin Rosette Headband

Skip the fancy corsage and wear sweet rosettes in your hair. This satin number is very Carrie Bradshaw-goes-to-prom.

2. Patterned Bow Headband

Why not punch up your dress with a playfully patterned bow? This headband will bring a little light-heartened whimsy to any fancy dress.

3. Bold Satin Headband

This clever duo combines a bold satin band with a delicate rhinestone jewel, creating a look that's double the glamour.

4. Feather Headband

No need to worry about finding fancy accessories; wearing a rhinestone-dotted feather headband in your hair will jazz up any dress, with or without jewelry.

5. Rhinestone Headband

With a charming mix of suede braiding and rhinestone embellishment, this pretty headband would punch up everything from little black dresses to ball gowns to jeans!
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