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How to Get a Free Prom Dress

When buying a dress just won't work.


Prom can be pricey. If your budget just won’t stretch far enough to pay for everything, it’s possible to get a free prom dress.

1. Visit DonateMyDress.org to find a dress drive.

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The national organization DonateMyDress.org makes it possible for thousands of teenagers in the U.S. and Canada to get free prom dresses every year. Visit their site to find a dress drive near you.

2. Contact your local dress drive.

Once you find a dress drive in your state, contact the organizers to find out how you can get your free prom dress. Every dress drive does things a little differently, but their goal is the same: to help girls find a free dress for prom.

3. Get your info together.

Find out what your local dress drive needs from you. Some require you to fill out paperwork to apply for a dress, others let you show up with a high school ID. Some require you to make an appointment, others are first-come, first-serve. Most of them require you to show proof of enrollment in high school. Get all the info before you show up.

4. Try on dresses!

Most organizations hold their dress drives over one or two days in March or April. Bring a friend, family member or even your boyfriend to help you pick out your perfect gown.

And don’t worry, you won’t end up with a dress from the 1990’s that’s a total fashion faux-pas. DonateMyDress.org only gives out dresses that are from the past three years, so you’ll still look totally stylish.

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