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Formal Accessories & Shoes

Accessories and shoes can make or break your prom look. Learn how to let your extras improve your overall ensemble.
  1. Clutches and Bags (3)
  2. Corsages and Boutonnieres (5)
  3. Formal Belts and Legwear (3)
  4. Formal Shoes (7)
  5. Prom Jewelry (10)

Corsages: How to Choose Them
Corsages are the finishing touch on your prom date's dress. Learn how to choose between a pin corsage and a wrist corsage for your date.

What to Bring to Prom
Essential items to stash in your clutch and your limo.

Unexpected Accessories for Prom
Never overlook the importance of hip, unexpected accessories on prom. Let your hip personal style shine with stylish extras - everything from a bright contrasting stiletto to a sweet bow headband to an edgy coat of black nail polish.

Finding the Right Bra for Your Prom Dress
Straps sticking out and underwires awry will completely ruin the look; the perfect undergarment will make your prom dress even more dazzling and your prom night even more enjoyable.

How To Choose Accessories for Prom
The dress is only the beginning; so many choices remain even after you find "the one." Learn how to make those big, prom ensemble-altering decisions like gold versus silver, heels versus flats, and necklace versus earrings.

Match Your Manicure To Your Dress Accessories
The easiest way to pull your formal ensemble together is to match your manicure to your dress accessories

Ladies in Red: Look Stylish in Scarlet Accessories
Look stylish in scarlet accessories, the perfect bold addition to your formal dress.

How to Break in Shoes for a Formal
Tips for breaking in your oxfords, heels or flats before a big dance.

Natalie Portman's Lesson on Whimsical Accessories
Natalie Portman, a Harvard grad and quirky accessory advocate, gives us a lesson on whimsical extras.

Find the Perfect Evening Clutch
From wristlets to envelope and box clutches!

How To Choose A Boutonniere
Learn how to choose a prom boutonniere for your date.

How to Pin a Corsage
Learn to pin a corsage on a girl in under a minute!

Picking Your Prom Perfume
Pick the perfect perfume for prom!

Prom Shoe Trends for 2014
Find the perfect prom shoes and stay on trend with these to-die for heels!

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