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After Prom Ideas

The night doesn’t have to end with the last song.


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Right after prom, your adrenaline will still be pumping. You'll still be all dressed up, your friends will be around you and hopefully your date will be, too. Keep the party going with these post prom party ideas.

P.S.- Wearing your prom gown or tuxedo to everyday places automatically makes them more entertaining!

Camping. Chuck those heels and loosen that cummerbund. Toasting marshmallows and bonding around a campfire is a mellow way to unwind after prom, and sleeping outdoors under the stars at the start of summer can be oh-so tranquil.

Comedy Club. Stand-up comedians perform into the wee hours. If your prom wasn't entertaining enough, you're guaranteed to guffaw at a comedy club. Bonus: if you sit close to the stage, you might be heckled by the comedian for showing up in full formal gear.

See a Band or Hire One to Play. If your favorite band just happens to be playing on prom night, you might be able to make it in time to see the show. Or, hire a popular local band to play a private show for you and your friends after prom. Split the cost among everyone.

Karaoke. Hit up a karaoke club nearby, or rent a karaoke machine and host your own sing-a-long at your house. You might want to give your family some earplugs beforehand.

Picnic Under the Stars. Splurge on some gourmet snacks, bring candles and a portable stereo and pack a few blankets for an outdoor nighttime picnic. Your backyard will suddenly seem romantic.

All-Ages Club. If you'll still want to dance after prom, see if there are any nightclubs that cater to high-schoolers in your area. If there aren't, get a large group of friends together and ask the nightclub manager if they will let you rent out the space for the night.

Arcade or Amusement Center. The perfect way to flirt after prom is over some friendly arcade games. Dave and Buster's, anyone?

Midnight Movie. Catch the late-night showing at a nearby movie theater. Binging on popcorn and candy while sitting in the theater in formal wear could cause a few stares and a lot of giggling. Or, invite your friends over for a private after-prom screening in your living room.

Pool Party. If you have a pool or know someone who does, perhaps a dip would do post prom. Swimming always seems so much more refreshing when it's done after dark!

Waterfront Bonfire. If you're near a beach or lake with designated fire pits, invite a bunch of friends to chill by a fire after prom. Make sure to arrange for firewood, a lighter and lighter fluid before hand, and bring a change of clothes so your formal wear doesn't get ruined.

All-Night Diner. If your town has an all-night eatery, reserve a table and show up with your appetite. Talking about everything that happened during prom over a meal is the perfect way to wind down, and you might be craving a more quiet atmosphere after the prom mayhem.

After Prom NYC. If you're in or within driving distance of New York City, you could hit a nightclub and then hop on a sunrise cruise around Manhattan. After Prom NYC offers post-prom party ideas for high schoolers from any nearby school.

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