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Best Model Poses for Dresses


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Getting Good Posture
Best Model Poses for Dresses

Nicole Richie’s great posture makes her 5’1” frame look much taller in photos.

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Taking gorgeous photos is half the fun of going to any formal event. Learning these poses (which are a favorite of celebs and models on the red carpet) will help take your photos from so-so to ultra-glam.

Models are known for being super tall and skinny, but you don’t have to be either of those to look like one in your pictures. Here’s a secret- you can look tall, even if you’re not! The secret is good posture, straightening your spine and keeping your shoulders back and down.

Nicole Richie’s posture makes her look much taller than her petite frame actually is.

Straighten your back and don’t slouch. Be as tall as you can be. Make your spine as straight as possible and avoid curves- you don’t want to have a hunchback.

Put your shoulders back. Roll your shoulders back slightly, and tilt your shoulder blades slightly toward each other. This will give you an air of confidence.

Elongate your neck. Make your neck as long as it can be by pressing your shoulders down.

Own what you’ve got. Every girl is beautiful, no matter how tall she is. Whether you’re five feet tall or five-foot ten, you can look confident and model-esque by having good posture.

Next, what bad posture does to your outfit.

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