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Chatting With Rissy Roo's About Prom 2013!


Ask the Boutique Owner: Which Styles Are Most Popular?
Chatting With Rissy Roo's About Prom 2013!

From left: Sherri Hill 8443, Sherri Hill 1539 and Shail K. KK3157 are the best-selling prom styles at Rissy Roo's boutique for the 2013 season!

Courtesy Rissy Roo's boutique
Is Sherri Hill still at the top of prom girl's wish lists for 2013? Is it all about the long gown or mini dress? I sat down and chatted with Marissa Sharp, owner of the extremely well-stocked online and brick and mortar prom boutique Rissy Roo's!

About: What are the top three most popular styles you're selling this season?
Marissa: Our top selling dresses right now are Sherri Hill Style 8443, Sherri Hill Style 1539, and Shail K. Style KK3157 (photos above).

About: Why do you think they're so popular?
Marissa: Royal Blue is a hot color this spring and all dresses in this color seem to be generating a lot of interest. Girls are loving sequins and sexy mini dresses so Sherri Hill Style 8443 and Shail K. Style KK3157 have both been great styles for Rissy Roo’s. The one-sleeve style is still trending and makes Style KK3157 a top pick this season for Valentine’s Day, Homecoming dances, and other special occasions. Sherri Hill Style 1539 is going to be a huge style for Prom 2013, this dress is offered in a large variety of colors with gorgeous tonal beading in each color. The strapless empire waist a-line silhouette is flattering for all sizes.

About: What dress lengths are hot for 2013: long gowns or short mini dresses?
Marissa: 2013 is seeing a trend towards hi-low dresses and mini dresses, long gowns will always be popular for prom, but we are seeing many of our more progressive customers leaning towards dresses that show off their legs and still offer a glamorous formal look.

About: Are high-low dresses still all the rage, or are they kind of passé?
Marissa: High-low dresses have been making a steady climb for a few years now, but are more popular this year than ever!

About: Which dress silhouettes do you see girls gravitating toward this year?
Marissa: Girls are showing interest in hi-low dresses, short mini dresses, flowing a-line chiffon gowns, as well as sexy beaded gowns. There are so many styles available this season to choose from that each girl has the opportunity to show off their unique personality.

About: What colors are Rissy Roo's shoppers all about this year?
Marissa: We have seen an increasing number of girls gravitating towards jewel colors this season, royal/sapphire blue, emerald, red, and rich purples. We are also seeing many shoppers that are staying on the more serene side with shades of blush and nude.

About: Which celebs do you think provide the biggest inspiration for prom shopping?
Marissa: Our customers are inspired by the style of Taylor Swift, Kylie & Kendall Jenner, and Selena Gomez.

About: The traditional prom ball gown seems to come back year after year. Is it the same for 2013? Why do you think girls gravitate towards this dress silhouette?
Marissa: Every girl dreams of being a princess, some wish to be a princess at prom, while others wait for their wedding day. A traditional ball gown will always be in style for prom even if it is not the most trending style of the year.

About: Which prom designers are the best for girls who want to splurge? Which designers provide the most bang for your buck for budget shoppers?
Marissa: Girls that want to splurge on prom by Sherri Hill, Jovani, and Terani Couture dresses. Our customers that want a gorgeous dress at a lower price choose Dave & Johnny, Shimmer by Bari Jay, and Alyce Designs.

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