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Talking 2013 Prom Dresses With Faviana!


Interview with Faviana Designer Shala Moradi
Talking 2013 Prom Dresses With Faviana!

Ashley Benson is the face of Faviana for 2013! She tried on tons of prom dresses for her photo shoot... it was almost like a marathon dress shopping event!

Some of the most sought-after prom dresses are designed by Faviana. With prom dress shopping season in full swing, I scored an interview with Shala Moradi, a Designer for Faviana! Shala gave me the scoop on Faviana's new prom line, what it was like to work with Ashley Benson, and which prom trends are hottest for this season.

About: How would you describe Faviana's 2013 line?
Shala Moradi: Faviana's Spring 2013 collection offers a variety of colors, fabrics, and beadwork and reveal a high fashion element. There is something for everyone.

About: Where did Faviana designers draw their inspiration from for the 2013 line?
SM: Real girls. We study the designs on the runway, but we also want to see what our shoppers need. We take the look of our fashion smart shoppers and transform it to an appropriate special occasion design.

About: When Faviana designers set out to create a new prom collection, what type of girl are they designing for?
SM: Faviana designs with the fashion-smart girl in mind. They aim to create high-fashion looks and trends seen on the runway that are accessible and affordable and will make the shopper look and feel great.

About: What are the three hottest prom dress silhouettes for 2013?
SM: The hottest silhouettes of the season will all keep a balance between sexy and classic. We will see simple mermaid silhouettes, subtle cut-outs, and the classic strapless A-line.

About: What are the it-colors for 2013 prom dresses?
SM: You will be seeing a lot of soft pastels this year, such as Tiffany Blue, Ice Pink and Mint!

About: Do you think patterned dresses are passé for 2013?
SM: Prints aren't extinct, they have just evolved to looks such as patterned sequins and intricate embroidery.

About: What do you think will be the three most popular Faviana dresses this year?
SM: Fashion-smart shoppers everywhere will definitely be seen in our #7182, #7101, or #7124.

About: Share with us your best prom accessorizing secret.
SM: You never want to overshadow the dress. The best thing you can do when accessorizing for prom is keep it simple. You want subtle jewelry that compliments the dress!

About: Tell us about what it was like to shoot with Ashley Benson. Why did you choose her to be the face of your 2013 line? Also, what's her formal style like? 
SM: Ashley is the perfect Face of Faviana.  She embodies the fashion-smart girl with her unique style and confident personality.  Her excitement and energy made the photo shoot move flawlessly, and she loved every dress she put on. Effortlessly chic is the best way to describe her formal style.  Ashley goes for looks that are fashionable, yet appropriate!

About: Why do you think the classic ball gown silhouette comes back year after year? 
SM: This is a look that looks great on everybody with the accented waist and full skirt. Plus, who doesn't want to look like a princess on their prom!

About: What do you think will be in for prom 2014? Any idea what Faviana's 2014 line will feature? 
SM: We will be seeing a lot of lace and embroidery, this trend will carry on straight from Fall.  We also predict more earthy colors in blues and greens in a more dramatic mermaid silhouette than we have ever seen!

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