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Trend watch for Prom 2013: the Betsey Johnson Runway Show


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Betsey Johnson Will Be Back for Spring 2013!
Trend watch for Prom 2013: the Betsey Johnson Runway Show

Betsey Johnson's Spring 2013 Runway Show

Dario Cantatore / Getty Images
Betsey Johnson surprised the crowds at New York Fashion Week by throwing not only a Spring 2013 runway show, but a birthday party, too!

Betsey’s designs have long been a go-to for prom girls (I wore Betsey Johnson for my prom and junior cotillion), so it was a bit of a bummer when the 70-year-old designer filed for bankruptcy in May. It looked like the end of the line for the frilly cupcake dresses and neon hues that made Betsey an icon.

But now, Betsey will be back just in time for prom 2013, with a new lower-priced collection that will be carried in department stores rather than her former namesake boutiques, according to ABC News. Expect to spend anywhere from $99 to $249 on these frilly frocks.

So let’s all breathe a huge sigh of relief and take a look at what Betsey’s got in store for girls going to prom this spring! As usual, her collection features every shade of pink and red, from the palest ballerina slipper hue to deep magenta and neon. But, there are a few other colors thrown in to round out the collection, including mint green, teal, yellow and black.

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