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What is Semi formal, Formal, and Ultra formal?

When to wear a suit, a tux and even a top hat.


What is Semi formal, Formal, and Ultra formal?

Suits are acceptable for semi formal dances.

Different types of dances call for different types of suits and tuxedos. Once you know what the dress code for a semi formal, formal and ultra formal dance are, you’ll know exactly what to wear

What is Semi Formal Attire?

If the dance is semi formal, you can get away with a suit or a tuxedo. Dark suit jackets with or without a bow tie or tie are acceptable year 'round. Lighter suit jackets can be broken out during the late spring and early summer. If you want to go the tuxedo route, you’ll need a bow tie and, if you’re up to it, a cummerbund or vest. Most high school guys will wear a suit jacket with a tie or bow tie to their semi formal.

Wait, what’s a cummerbund? A cummerbund is a broad sash that’s tied around your waist, over your shirt and under your jacket. Cummerbunds come in a variety of colors.

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What is Formal Evening Attire?

Ever heard of the phrase “black-tie?” That’s what you’ll be wearing to a formal dance. A formal tuxedo consists of a classic black tuxedo jacket, black trousers with a satin stripe, a bow tie or tie, a matching vest or cummerbund, and a white wing or spread-collar shirt. Tuxes can be personalized with a colored vest and tie or bowtie. Match it to your date’s dress, or go with your own tried-and-true favorite hue.

An Ultraformal Evening Dance

Ultraformal means it’ll be a “white-tie” event. These are pretty rare for school dances, but hey, always better to be prepared. A white-tie event calls for a tailcoat, which is short or waist-length in the front and has two tails in the back. Black pants, a white shirt, a dickie, a cummerbund, and a white wing collar are also part of an ultraformal tuxedo. A white bowtie is the finishing touch.

Grooming Tips for Guys

Wait, what’s a dickie? A dickie is a false shirt that’s attached to the shirt collar and tucked into a cummerbund. Fancy!

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