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Prom Shoes for Boys

From Loafers to Laceups to Lowtops


The classic black tux is painstakingly easy to choose; the formal shoes, however, are far more complicated. The key is to find a pair that manages to be comfortable - comfortable on your foot and comfortable on your ego.

1. Loafers

The classic loafer is a stylish, though slightly more casual, option for formalwear. Details like ties, tassels, kilties and penny keepers add old-fashioned fancy. If you're planning on buying instead of renting your prom shoes, these are a great investment.

2. Oxford

When you think of typical "tuxedo" shoes, the lace-up oxford comes to mind. Polished and classic, the shoe is a nice match for a crisp, clean-cut tux. Plus, the shoe laces ever so slightly resemble your favorite trainers which certainly can't be a bad thing.

3. Wingtips

A fixture for red carpet-waltzing actors, this variation on the classic lace-up loafer has a fancy pointed (or more accurately, pointy-ish) toe combined with stylish detailed toe cap (hence the "wingtip" descriptor). Peeking out from the hem of sleek, tailored trousers, the look is very 007 - and what guy doesn't want to look like James Bond at prom?

4. Chucks

You wear chucks every other day of the year; might as well wear them on prom night, too! To avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed (like, uh, every other day of the year), break out a brand new pair, wear a snazzy tux, and gain approval from your date first.

5. Boat Shoes

Whether you're a sailboat-owning, private school-going prep or not, the classic "boat shoe" loafer manages to look dressy in the most unfussy way possible while still maintaining comfort rivaled only by the previously-mentioned Chucks.. The key to pulling off topsiders on prom night: skip the socks!
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