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Top 7 Ways to Drive Safely on Prom Night


Save the party for the prom. Whether you're the driver or the passenger, keep roadside behavior in check and focus on arriving to the prom safe, on time, and ready to dance!

1. Rent a limo

Talk your parents into pitching in for a limo. The driver, who carts around excited passengers on a daily basis, will keep things in under control. The passengers can focus on snapping pictures, applying last-minute lipgloss, or fixing those fantastic updos.

2. Hire a family member

Drivers can cost a pretty penny, so ask a family member or - if you don't want take Dad along for the ride - a close family friend. Most will readily agree, but offer a small payment in the form of a free dinner, a few movie vouchers, or a small gift card.

3. Limit the number of passengers

If you're in a five-seater, limit the passengers to five. If you rented a twelve-person limo, don't let a few extras sneak on. Large crowds in a small vehicle can make it impossible to keep eyes on the road for the driver. Another huge factor: the number of seatbelts. On that note...

4. Buckle your seatbelt

You might have the most fabulous dress or tuxedo on, but your outfit just isn't complete until your click that seatbelt. If celebrities consistently wear them with their Prada suits and Chanel couture, why shouldn't you?

5. Be on time

Don't partake in a last minute speed-race to the event. Leave your house on time and arrive at your prom with a few minutes to spare. If "fashionably late" is your thing, factor that into your schedule and arrive - purposely - a few minutes late.

6. Keep the tunes in check

A little Justin Timberlake can really get the prom party started, but don't get the base bumpin' just yet. Wait until the dance to crank up your tunes so that the driver can concentrate on the road instead of the lyrics of "Sexyback."

7. Prohibit "bottled fun"

Don't let your friends bust out the cocktails in the car. Not only is careless to show up to prom with alcohol on your breath (or worse, with gum hanging out of your mouth!), but it isn't safe and, well, it is illegal.
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