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How to Snag a Prom Date


How to Snag a Prom Date
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Why settle for a simple "Hey, ya wanna go to prom?" when you can charm your way into a dream prom date?
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: A few creative hours

Here's How:

  1. Request a dance-worthy song on your fave radio station. Beg the DJ to say something along the lines of: "This one is for Seth from Summer. Will you go to prom with her?" Once you make the request, text him/her, saying they're playing your favorite song on radio station XYZ right now!

  2. Cut a giant yellow star out of poster board. Write in your most endearing handwriting: "Star light star bright, first star you'll see tonight; I wish you may, I wish you might, be my date prom night. With the help of your prospective prom date's mom, sneak into his/her room and hide it under his/her pillow.

  3. Grab a fortune cookie from your chinese takeout. Remove the fortune paper with tweezers, being careful not to break the cookie. Think of your own personal message, something sweet and unique, and write it a tiny piece of paper. Carefully place the message into the cookie. Leave the "good fortune" in his/her locker, toss it to him/her at lunch, or hand deliver homemade takeout to his/her door.

  4. Create your own flyer. Use your creativity to come up with a clever prom-themed rhyme. Publish it on bright paper, advertisement-style. Fold it up and wedge it underneath his/her car's windshield wiper just like those pesky ads you find now and then. Spy from across the parking lot, and once he/she reads the flattering flyer, follow up with a phone call.

  5. Try your hand in the kitchen. The way to a guy's (and girl's, too!) heart is through his or her stomach, so bake or order a giant, irresistible cookie cake with "Prom?" scrawled across it in icing. Another great option? Make or order a pizza with a message written with pepperoni or hamburger.

What You Need

  • creativity
  • courage
  • a big smile
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