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Prama: What It Is and How To Avoid It


What does “prama” mean?:

"Prama" is a term coined by the New York Times that means "prom drama."

Because prom is widely considered the most important event of high school (though we hear graduation is kind of significant), it's only natural that the occasion will spark a healthy dose of drama.

What does "prama" include? :

The term "prama" include things like two guys inviting the same girl to prom, two girls buying the same prom dress, or one couple agreeing to go with two different pre- or post-prom bashes.

Other "pramatic" events: deciding you hate your dress at the last minute, realizing your tux doesn't fit the day of prom, breaking up with your date a month before prom, or finding yourself a victim of "dress jealousy."

How can you avoid date “prama?":

  • In the months prior to the big event, stay in the good graces of your prom date – no breakups, no second thoughts, no last-minute backing out.

  • Communicate! Discuss your ensembles, transportation, dinner arrangements, and after-prom plans before the week of prom – or worse, the day of.

  • If you find out that your Prince Charming (or your Princess Enchanting) is a toad wearing a tuxedo disguise, grin and bear it... and don't feel guilty dancing with your best friends.

How can you avoid dress or tux “prama?":

  • Trying it on before you buy should be an obvious move. Try it on again a week in advance and then, just to be on the safe side, the day before.

  • Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but prom is not the time to show your admiration for a classmate. Like a girl's boyfriend, once she claims her dress, it's hers. Lucky for guys, every tux looks the same.

  • If you hit the dance floor and notice a dress twin across the room, keep your cool. Flash a big smile, tell her she looks nice, then appreciate the fact that you added your own brand of cool to yours.

How can you avoid “prama" queens?:

  • With months of preparations and pressures, the stress is bound to wear everyone a little thin. While some girls feel pure excitement, others feel constant anxiety.

  • Did I choose the right dress? Are my shoes okay? Will my date like me? Will I get salad stuck in my teeth at dinner and have a giant glob of green in professional prom photos? Pre-prom jitters are normal, but stressful nonetheless.

  • With a little TV relaxation (Gossip Girl prom episodes, perhaps?), iTunes therapy, and plenty of pedicures, the night will go off without a hitch – even if you have to deal with a prama queen or two.
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