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How to Plan a Prom

From fundraising to ordering decor, use this guide to seamlessly plan your prom.


How to Plan a Prom

All your hard work will pay off the night of prom!

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The key to pulling off the perfect prom? Organization! Your prom committee should be armed with this checklist that covers every detail of how to plan a prom. Your peers will wonder how you pulled it off!

This guide assumes that prom will be held in May. It can be adjusted accordingly.

What to Plan for in September and October:

Prom Committee forms. A new school year means clubs will be looking for new members. Join the prom committee if you're interested in planning the ultimate party: your school's prom. If you're a returning member, advertise for new members by putting up posters around the school, telling your friends, or even posting on Facebook.

Set a date for the big event. Make sure you consider other big events that might be going on in your school, like graduation and big field trips.

Plan a prom budget. It's important to know how much money you'll need to pull off the event, and what your fund-raising goal will be. Keep in mind that some of the cost will be offset by selling tickets.

Set up a bank account and credit card specifically for the prom. Some of your prom's cost will be covered by fund-raising, but a lot of it will be covered by ticket sales. However, you won't see any of the ticket sale money until just before your prom happens.

Start fund-raising! A prom can cost thousands of dollars. The sooner you start fund-raising, the better.

Form subcommittees. During the first prom committee meeting, ask students to join one or more subcommittees. Dividing up all of the prom planning responsibilities will make tackling the event much easier.

Check out this handy list of ideas for prom subcommittees.

November and December:

Your fund-raising committee should be busy, busy, busy! If they haven't staged at least one fund-raising event yet, they should have several planned for the coming weeks.

Book your prom venue, DJ and caterer. Prom may be months away, but spring is high season for school dances, and you want to make sure to get your first choice. Call around to get an idea of rates and what each has to offer before making a final decision.

How to Book a Prom Venue

Start organizing post-prom. It's common for parents to organize and fund-raise for a post-prom celebration. Reach out to them to let them know the prom date and where it'll be held.

How to Throw the Ultimate After Prom Party

Next up, prom planning duties for January and February...
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