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Top 6 After-Prom Party Ideas


You spent hours getting ready, you dined, you danced… so now what? These after prom party ideas will keep your entertained hours after prom night ends.

1. Bowling

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You haven’t really gone bowling until you have bowled it up dressed in your prom night finery. Grab your group and head to your local bowling alley. Trade your heels or patent oxfords for retro bowling shoes. Replace your corsage with a bowling ball. Armed with a few cameras for capturing the evening, bowl the night away! 

2. Pizza Parlor

The perfect way to let your hair down after a nerve-racking prom day is to grab a few slices at the local pizza joint. Rent out a banquet room, invite all of your friends, and kick back with a few pizzas and soda pitchers.

3. Coffee Shop

Mellow out at your favorite coffee shop with your pals – espresso can work wonders on a frazzled mind! For best results, go directly from prom, still dressed to the nines. The coffee clientele will be completely entertained, and you might even get a few coffees on the house.

4. Game Night

Head to a friends house for a late night spent playing board games. Stock up on all of your favorites – Scene It!, Cranium, and Catch Phrase are particularly fun with a big group of friends. Reward winners with fun prom-themed gifts like princess tiaras (for boys and girls!), disposable cameras, and kiddie rhinestone jewelry.

5. Evening Breakfast

After a night of dancing, everyone seems to be exhausted, yet ravenous. Persuade your parents to host a laidback after-prom breakfast. Have a relaxed menu of breakfast casseroles, cinnamon rolls, coffee cakes, and fruit. Have a pitcher of juice and a carafe of coffee and voila - breakfast before bedtime!

6. Roller Skating

Do you still have loads of energy? Relocate the prom party to the local roller skating rink. A costume change isn’t necessary – roller skating is much more fun when dressed festively! Grab your date’s hand and have one last slow dance of the night… on skates!

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