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Braided Hairstyles for Prom and Parties


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Side French Braid
Braided Hairstyles for Prom and Parties

A simple side braid can liven up your hair.

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When warm weather rolls in, it’s all about the braid. Whether you’re looking for a new twist on a prom hairstyle or a chic summery look for a party, braids can perk up your locks and add to your look.

You don’t have to have long hair to rock a braid, as actress Ahna O’Reilly demonstrates. She’s taken her fine locks and braided them into a side French braid.

Notice how the braid starts at her middle part, and only about five hair strands are weaved in before it reaches the top of her ear. She finishes off the braid with a small elastic band and secures it with a bobby pin to make sure it stays on the side of her head. The end of her braid blends into the rest of her hair.

A small side braid like this one is a simple and elegant update for gals who always wear their hair down.

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Next up, how to make your side braid look super-thick.
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