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The Best Braided Updos


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Messy Fishtail Braid
The Best Braided Updos

Nina Dobrev's fishtail braid.

Getty Images
Braided updos have taken over the red carpet! Maybe it’s Katniss fever, or maybe the warm weather is inspiring these weaved locks. Whatever it is, braids are always big summer hairstyles, and these are some of the best French, Dutch, rope and fishtail braids I’ve seen on the red carpet. Check them out and use them as inspiration for your next big event.

Here, Nina Dobrev has weaved her super-long locks into a wild fishtail braid. Notice how even though her hair is slicked back in the front, she pulled a few strands out to create a less-than-perfect ‘do. Her braid s equally messy, with ends sticking out and just the right amount of fly-aways adding some texture. She used a tiny elastic to secure the ends and complete her look.

Next up, a braided bun.
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