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The Best Braided Updos


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Braided Bun
The Best Braided Updos

Zoe Saldana's braided bun.

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Braided buns have replaced chignons and the new it-style. They’re more intricate but super-easy to replicate. Just look at Zoe Saldana’s weaved bun. There are so many twisted tendrils and loops, it’s stunning!

To get this look, draw your hair into a loose ponytail, leaving the front pieces out. Divide your hair into two sections, then braid them into two braids. Secure the ends with a thin elastic band.

Then, create your bun by wrapping the first braid loosely around the elastic and securing it with bobby pins. Take the second braid and wrap it around the first one, securing with bobby pins as needed. Hide the ends of your braid by tucking them into the bun.

Tease your front pieces, then comb them back and spray with hairspray for some volume.

Next, pinned-up fishtails.

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