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How To Cover Zits: Masking Marks, Pimples, and Blemishes


Is there anything worse than a pimple on prom night? Learn how to zap that zit with a few tricky makeup tips.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Minimal

Here's How:

  1. A zit on prom night is enough to send anyone into a nit-picking tizzy fit, but it's pertinent that you do not pop that pimple! Grab your favorite face wash and give your skin a good lather.
  2. Frequent face-washing will dry skin out, so apply a liberal layer of moisterizer. Opt for oil-free to avoid even more irritation.
  3. Lay the foundation with a high-quality... foundation. Instead of starting with a huge handful of makeup, start out with a small dab and add more as you need it.
  4. Once the foundation is fully blended, zoom in on the zit with a stick of concealer. With your finger or a small makeup brush, dab the concealer on the blemish and surrounding red area.
  5. Sweep on a light layer of powder - loose or pressed - to set finish off the supurb makeup job. Keep a small concealer stick in your clutch for frequent touchups; you just never know when someone will pull out the camera (or when another pimple will pop up).
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