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How To Steal Taylor Swift's Effortless Beauty Look


How To Steal Taylor Swift's Effortless Beauty Look
Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Taylor Swift has had seemingly effortless success with an off-the-charts music career, but that's not the only thing that looks low maintenance about Taylor. Her makeup is understated and impossibly glamorous, just like her music.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Minimal

Here's How:

  1. Start with smooth skin. Instead of slathering your entire face with foundation, just apply concealer to any blemishes or spots and finish off with a light dusting of powder. The key to Taylor's smooth skin is moisturizer.
  2. Add a glow with candy pink blush. Applied right to the apples of the cheek, bright blush gives skin a healthy glow in an instant. Cream blush, which blends in like a charm, is nearly fail proof.
  3. Apply a shimmery pink gloss to the lips. The secret to longer-lasting lip color is to apply a layer of concealer, and then follow up with a liberal coat of gloss.
  4. Use sparkly silver eye shadow. A very light dusting of silver eye shadow brings a nice subtle shimmer to the eyelids without adding an overwhelming metallic shine.
  5. Load up on mascara and finish up with black eyeliner. A good eyelash curler makes all the difference in making eyes "pop," but a nice swipe of black eyeliner (or even better, eye crayon) brings a serious wow factor.

What You Need

  • Concealer
  • Blush
  • Pink lip gloss
  • Mascara
  • Black eyeliner

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