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Lip Colors for Prom

Perk up your pout with these shades of lip color.


No prom makeup look is complete without a dab of lip color. Whether you’re into perky pinks, sultry reds or barely-there clear gloss, make sure your mouth isn’t naked for prom! Check out these famous lips to get inspiration for your makeup look, and don’t forget to bring your tube to prom for touch-ups.

Click on any of these photos to see the lip color up close!

1. Dusty Rose Lipstick

Getty Images
Demi Lovato is wearing a gorgeous dusty rose lipcolor that plays off her olive complexion beautifully. This color works best for dresses in deeper tones like deep red, royal blue and greens. If you’re into pink but don’t want a shade that’s too bright, take a cue from Demi.

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2. Nude Lips

Getty Images
If you’re going to sport a super heavy smoky eye or want to do up your eyes in the most dramatic way possible, make sure your lips don’t compete. Smooth on a nude lip color… which is basically a color that’s closest to your natural lip color. You’ll look polished but not overly done up, just like Miley does in this red carpet photo.

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3. Pale Pink Lips

Getty Images
Taylor Swift’s pale pink lipstick is barely there! But, the color was the perfect choice to go with her smoky eye shadow and blushless porcelain skin. A super light color like this one is perfect for the gal who doesn’t usually wear lipstick, but wants a little something special for prom.

4. Red Lipstick

Getty Images
Anyone can pull off red lipstick, especially this classic bold hue that Rihanna is wearing so effortlessly. I love the matte red look, because it’s so Old Hollywood glam. The key to pulling off a red pout is to go easy on the eye shadow. Let your lips be the focus of this prom makeup look.

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5. Orange-Red Lipstick

Getty Images
Orange might be the last color you’d pick out of a lineup. But don’t discount this hue- you can totally make it work. Just pick a shade that has a tiny tint of red in it. Orange-red lipstick is a great way to stand out and put a twist on traditional bright lip color. Emmy Rossum smartly pairs her orange-red lips with a bright turquoise dress, proving that bright plus bright equals brilliant.

6. Lilac Lips

Getty Images
It takes a special gal to pull off lilac lips. She has to be bold, daring and a step ahead of the fashion curve. Out of the box lip color like this one is usually worn best with a dress that’s a similar hue. Notice how Regina Hall’s lip color is only a shade lighter than her dress, which makes it look totally natural.

7. Deep Plum Lipstick

Getty Images
The always-stylish Jeannie Mai wisely wore a deep plum lip color with a little black dress, and the effect is truly head-turning. Since the bold color draws all the attention to her lips, her eye color is much more neutral. She stuck with lashes, black eyeliner and a soft orange shadow that’s simply stunning!

8. Magenta Lips

Getty Images
Katy Perry is known for bright colors and wild outfits. Here, she’s sporting magenta lipstick. But, you don’t have to have blue or purple hair to rock this color. A bright, jewel toned dress will do just as well!

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9. Poppin’ Pink Lipgloss

Getty Images
Blake Lively used a bright and rosy pink lipgloss to brighten up her pout. It works well with her light complexion and complements her bronze and shimmery white eye shadow. Gloss is the perfect solution for a girl who isn’t into lipstick but still needs a touch of color for prom.

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