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Summer Lip Color Ideas for Parties

Shades of pink and red to wear during warm weather


Warm weather is all about carefree beauty, bright hues and light makeup looks. These celeb-inspired summer lipstick looks will not only bring a burst of color to your sun-kissed face, they might just inspire a whole new summer vaca makeup look!

If you follow one summer makeup tip, let it be this: skip the heavy eyeliner and layered eye shadow and save it for fall and winter. Dramatic makeup is best for when the sun sets early and rises late.

Stick with sunscreen, a coat of mascara and a touch of lip color when the temperatures rise and you’re headed off to a grad party or a sweet sixteen. You’ll look as light as you feel all summer long!

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1. Clear Gloss

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Every gal should have a tube of clear lip gloss at the ready for every summer occasion. It will let your natural lip color show in an oh-so-boho way while giving your look a boost by adding plenty of shine. Kendall Jenner’s natural lips look effortless and feminine at this event. She’s letting her true beauty shine through!

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2. Red Gloss

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So you’re heading out to a party and you need a touch of color, but want to stay away from anything matte. This is where red lip gloss comes in. Notice how it instantly perks up Jill Wagner’s look and complements her bright top. It’s bright, shiny and perfect for summer.

3. Rose Pink Gloss

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Jenna Ushkowitz is totally ready for summer with this look! She’s rocking a slight tan, light brown highlights and just enough makeup to give her a fresh-faced glow. She swept on a medium rose lip gloss to give her lips just a touch of color, and used the same hue on her cheeks.

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4. Rosette Gloss

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This is Electra Avellan’s take on pretty pink lip gloss, and it totally completes her perfect smile. Notice how her gloss color isn’t too dark, but it isn’t too bright, either. It’s a rose color that plays off her skin color and brightens up her lips with a tiny tint. The color goes really well with her champagne sequin dress, which is a hot color this summer!

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5. Matte Red Lips

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Ok, so you’re totally obsessed with every red lip color that you see, and you can’t stop thinking about it! Matte red seems to be in every season. For summer, be sure to pick one that’s on the brighter side. You don’t want to vamp up your face with a hue that’s too dark. Notice how Rihanna keeps her eye makeup very light and natural with brown and white tones? They allow her red lips to pop.

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6. Berry Pink Lips

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Michelle Ang is proof that quirky girls in glasses can pull off a feminine pink lip color. This shade of berry pink is great for summer. It’s not too dark and doesn’t make her face look overly dramatic or serious. Rather, it’s bright and fun, and goes well with her adorable pink ruffle tank. Her ombre hair completes this warm weather look!

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7. Bare Lips and Chapstick

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Of course, Kristen Stewart would be the celeb to rock totally bare lips to a party. If your natural lip color is the one that works best for you, own it! Just be sure to keep your lips smooth and protected from the sun. Chapped or sunburned lips can be painful, and they don’t look that great, either. My favorite clear lip protectant is good old fashioned Vaseline. It’s cheap, smoothes my lips out and doesn’t have any harmful or addictive ingredients. Plus, you can find it in any drugstore!

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