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Best Prom Movies


With finals, college placement tests, and term papers, prom is the last thing on your mind. Set aside a weekend and cram prom-style. Study up on the best prom movies to get in the dancin' spirit.

1. Carrie

Carrie has a crazy mom, telekinetic powers, and terrible luck. It finally looks as though things are looking up when prom comes around her name turns up on the royalty ballot, but predictably, trouble ensues. Lesson to be learned: if you have a lot of enemies, don't wear a white dress.

Watch this: after discovering that the most evil girl in school is nominated for prom queen.

2. Pretty in Pink

This is a quirky Cinderella story about a fashion-savvy, thrift-loving teen who falls for the rich kid. The duo comes across many social obstacles, but things come together in the end thanks in large part to one fabulous pink prom dress.

Watch this: before you go prom shopping. It will inspire you to choose something unique and completely "you."

3. Napoleon Dynamite

An offbeat story about a socially awkward boy gearing up for a school dance, this will make you laugh until you cry, and then you'll watch it again. And again. And again. Be warned: this movie is hysterical but completely offbeat and requires an open mind and a silly mindset.

Watch this: when you need a nice prom-themed giggle.

4. Never Been Kissed

Nicknamed "Josie Grossie" in high school, a young reporter is assigned to relieve those painful four years and chronicle her experiences. She befriends the popular crowd, attends prom, and falls for her teacher. The moral of the story: go to prom this time around--you won't be able to attend senior prom at age 25.around.

Watch this: when you begin feeling tempted to skip out on the teen tradition of prom.

5. 10 Things I Hate About You

This is a feel-good flick about two very different sisters who can't agree on anything, yet manage to come together in the name of prom. Chockfull of pretty dresses, attractive actors, and great music, this is a fun flick to watch before prom. Why can't everyone have well-known live bands at prom? Life just isn't fair.

Watch this: when you're fed up with your prom date.

6. She's All That

After a bet is made among two friends to "create" a prom queen, a happily artsy outsider goes from geek to prom queen in the matter of hours. With stereotypical cliques, an over-the-top plot, and enough cameos to make Grey's Anatomy jealous, this movie provides a fun look at high school life,

Watch this: for prom makeover inspiration.

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