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Proms / Formal Dances: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
7 Top Online Resources for Prom Dress Shopping
If you hail from a small town hours away from the closest dress boutique, don't fret. The internet is overflowing with formal dresses, especially around this time of the year.
The Top Prom Songs For 2013
Prom Songs - Romantic Songs for Prom - Nostalgic Songs - Slow Songs for Dances
Unique Ways to Ask a Guy to Prom
Creative, unique ways to ask a guy to the dance!
Which Colors Flatter Your Skin Tone?
The best colors to wear for dark, olive, medium and fair skin - Match colors to your skin tone
How to Ask a Girl to Prom
Creative ways to as a girl to prom that anyone can pull off!
After Prom Ideas
Keep the party going with these memorable after prom ideas.
How to Wear a Dress Without a Bra
How to wear a dress without a bra, but still give your breasts support!
Prom Tips For Guys: How to be a Good Date
Simple tips guys can use to be a great prom date.
Ways to Ask a Girl to Prom
Unique ways to ask a girl to prom - Memorable prom proposals - Ideas for asking a girl to prom
How to Design Your Own Prom Dress… Online!
Where to design your own prom dress online - prom dress patterns online - make your own prom dress online
No Prom Date? No Problem!
Tips for going to prom without a date
How to Pin a Boutonniere
The easiest way to pin a boutonniere - how to pin prom flowers - pinning a boutonniere
The Prom Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed
Unexpected prom accessories you totally need - body shapers, bobby pins, stick on bras and more.
Find the Right Dress for Your Shape
Finding the right dress for your shape, dresses for your body type, dress silhouettes
The Best Online Prom Boutiques
The best online prom boutiques - Where to shop online for prom dresses - These web boutiques carry hundreds of dress styles, cater to their customers, and don’t stock knock-offs.
Curly Updo Hairstyles for Prom and Homecoming
A curly side bun is an easy updo for prom or homecoming.
Slow Dancing Tips for Teens
Learn how to slow dance - Slow dancing tips for prom and homecoming
How to Prep for Prom
How to prepare for prom, prom checklist, how to get ready for prom
How to Find a Prom Date
how to find a prom date, who to ask to prom, getting a date to prom
Prom Date Dilemma: Who Should Pay?
Prom etiquette guide: who should pay for prom?
Creative Ways to Get a Homecoming Date
Get a date to the dance! Proms / Formal Dances.
Corsages: How to Choose Them
Corsages are the finishing touch on your prom date's dress. Learn how to choose between a pin corsage and a wrist corsage for your date.
Tips for Wearing a Backless Dress
How to support your breasts and look like you're wearing a bra with a backless dress.
How to Tell if a Prom Website is Fake
How to tell if it's a fake prom dress website selling counterfeit gowns. Don't get scammed! Page 2.
Are You Ready to Have Sex on Prom Night?
Having sex on prom night is a big decision: are you ready for it?
Throw the Ultimate Prom After Party
Entertainment, food and music ideas for an after prom party - Ideas for post prom
Where to Find Cheap Prom Dresses
Save time! The essential stores to visit to score an affordable prom or homecoming dress.
Best Model Poses for Dresses
Learn how to stand and pose like a model for photos!
Where to Wear Your Prom Dress Again
A formal dress isn’t something you’re going to be wearing every day. But there are more than a few special occasions where a prom dress could be re-worn.
What to Bring to Prom
What to bring to prom - what to pack for prom - prom essentials
Lip Colors for Prom
lipstick for prom - lip colors for prom - prom makeup ideas
How to Pair Jackets With Dresses
The perfect fall and winter jackets to wear with dresses. Straight from the runway and the red carpet!
What is Homecoming?
The high school tradition: explained!
The Best Dress Colors for Your Eye Color
Finding the best dress colors for your eyes - Colors that match your eye color
Where to Rent a Dress Online
Top three sites for renting a dress online.
Design Your Own Prom Dress
Can't find the dress of your dreams? Try your hand at designing your own prom dress. Choose your color, fabric, and silhouette, no sewing skills required!
The History of Sadie Hawkins Dances
How a classic comic strip inspired a high school dance tradition. The history of the Sadie Hawkins Dance.
Top 6 After-Prom Party Ideas
From bowling to roller skating, these after prom party ideas will keep your entertained hours after prom night ends.
How to Wear Red Lipstick with a Formal Dress
Tips on wearing red lipstick with a formal dress for prom, homecoming or sweet sixteen.
Prom Planning: A Guide
Prom planning may seem daunting at first, but if you take it step by step, you and your prom committee could plan the ultimate school dance.
How to Choose a Prom Boutonniere
Learn how to choose a prom boutonniere for your date.
Best Prom Movies
With finals, college placement tests, and term papers, prom is the last thing on your mind. Set aside a weekend and cram prom-style. Study up on your favorite prom-themed movies to get in the formal spirit.
How To Choose Accessories for Prom
The dress is only the beginning; so many choices remain even after you find "the one." Learn how to make
How to Plan a Prom
A month-by-month guide that details every step of prom planning.
Top 6 Ways to Lose the Limo: Alternative Prom...
You can take the classic prom transportation route and order a cliched limo... or you can go an alternative route and make a jaw-dropping grand entrance for your big debut.
Seven Prom Dress Don’ts… and How to...
Seven common prom fashion disasters and how to avoid them!
How to Glam Up A Simple Dress
Dress up your simple dress with these easy tips - Make your dress more glamorous
Dress Up a Boring Gown With These Tips!
Dress too plain or boring? Here's how to dress it up and bring new life to it!
Finding the Right Bra for Your Prom Dress
Straps sticking out and underwires awry will completely ruin the look; the perfect undergarment will make your prom dress even more dazzling and your prom night even more enjoyable.
How to Use Hollywood Fashion Tape Plus Review!
How to use Hollywood Fashion Tape, plus a review of the product!
Prom Night Survival Kit
From blush to band aids, makeup to money, a prom night survival kit includes all the evening necessities in a purse or a pocket.
Before You Rent a Tuxedo
The tuxedo seems so simple: what could be complicated about a pair of pants, a blazer, and a buttondown? The confusion arises when you pop into a tuxedo shop and are presented with hundreds of choices: Do you want enamel or pewter cufflinks? Do you want a notched or peaked collar? Do you want a double or single breasted jacket? Scan this simple how-to and you'll be tux-shopping like a pro in no time.
Prom Hairstyles for ALL Hair Types!
Photos of prom hairstyles: updos, curls, braids and waves to suit every girl, no matter what length your hair is.
Dresses for My Body Type
Tips to find dresses for my body type - how to dress for your body type
What Prom Necklace Should I Choose?
Choose the perfect necklace for prom! When to layer, what length chain to choose, when to wear a choker & more prom jewelry tips.
How to Ask a Celebrity to Prom (or any Formal...
Asking a Celebrity to Prom - Celeb Prom Proposals
Should You Go to Prom?
Reader Dilemma: When the guys at your school suck, should you even go to the dance?
Kendall and Kylie Jenner on the Red Carpet
Photos of Kendall and Kylie Jenner on the red carpet.
The Worst Prom Disasters… Ever.
Arrests, spoiled photos and crazy chaperones? It happened on these horrible prom nights.
Finding the Right Bra for Your Dress
Bra options for formal dresses - find the right bra for your dress - special occasion bra
Prom Hairstyles You Can DIY!
DIY Prom Hair- The Asymmetrical Side Braid.
After Prom Clothes
After Prom Clothes, Outfits for After Prom, What to Wear for Prom After Parties
Prom and Formal Dance Dress Codes Explained
Should you wear a formal or semi-formal dress? What's the difference? Does fabric matter? Here's how to figure out what special occasion dress to wear!
Prom Makeup Looks From Miley
Three gorgeous prom makeup ideas straight from Miley Cyrus' red carpet looks.
Homecoming Hairstyles for Long Hair
Easy updos and formal hairstyles for long hair - Homecoming hair 'dos! Page 4.
How Do I Get Him to Ask ME to the Dance?
Reader Question: How do I get my crush to ask me to the dance?
The Best Braided Updos
Braided Updo Photos, Braid Ideas, Braids for Prom, Braided Hairstyles
Ways to Wear a Prom Tiara
Complete your prom jewelry by adding a tiara! Check out these different tiara styles, how to wear them and which hair 'dos look best with one.
Prom Transportation- New Ways to Get to Prom
Prom transportation - Alternative ways to get to prom, instead of taking a limo.
Braided Hairstyles for Prom and Parties
Braided Hairstyles for Prom - Cute Hair 'Dos With Braids - Summer Hair With Braids
Can You Buy a Prom Dress Online?
What's a small town girl to do when it comes to dress shopping? Use the internet to your advantage and scour the most stylish online resources!
Mandy Moore's Sideswept Bangs
A gallery of glamorous, prom-worthy 'dos for short hair.
Chic and Cheap Prom Dresses
When it comes to gown shopping, it's all about knowing where to look and what to look for. Instead of spending the price of an entire limo rental on your fabulous frock, snag a chic and cheap prom dress - that won't cost thousands.
Get the Ultimate Prom Nails
Prom Nails, Prom Manicures, Prom Nail Art, Nail Designs for Prom, DIY Manicure
Look Like a Model in Photos
Tips for taking gorgeous formal photos.
The Perfect Prom Look: From Head to Toe
From the dress to the shoes to the jewelry, learn the steps to create the perfect prom look from head to toe.
Formal Hairstyles for Prom and Homecoming
Photos of gorgeous formal hairstyles for prom, homecoming and high school dances!
Review: Boob Glue by Bosom Couture
Boob Glue Review: Does it really work?
Is it a Fake Prom Dress?
How to tell if it's a fake prom dress website selling counterfeit gowns. Don't get scammed!
How to Choose Prom Invitations
Prom planning: Pick the best prom invitations with these tips.
Top 5 Classic Prom Themes
If you attend more than one prom during your high school existence, chances are one of the prom themes will be one of these classic choices.
How To Choose a Prom Group: My Friends Versus...
If you and your prom date have completely different friends, how do you choose a group to go to prom with?
Prom Problems: My Date Forgot a Corsage!
Solving your prom problems with expert prom advice! What to do when your date disappoints.
Steal Demi Lovato’s Style for Prom
Copy Demi Lovato's style - The best of Demi Lovato's style on the red carpet!
How to Plan a Prom - Second Semester
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Planning a prom
What is Semi formal, Formal, and Ultra formal?
For guys: What to wear when the dress code is semi formal, formal or ultra formal.
The Plus-Size Teen's Guide to Wearing Dresses
Tips for buying shapers and slimmers when you're plus size - Shape-wear shopping tips. Page 4.
Stylish Stockings: Formal Dress & Fancy Tights
Survive a winter formal without turning into a frost-covered snowgirl by adding sleek tights to your party dress.
Old Hollywood Hair
Classic Old Hollywood Hair is perfect for prom, homecoming and formals!
Prom Makeup Inspiration: Selena Gomez
Prom Makeup Inspiration: Selena Gomez's Makeup
Prom Problems: What to do When Your Date...
Prom Problems: Bad Dates, When Your Date Ditches You, When Your Date Sucks... Here's what to do!
Micro Trend: Neon Shoes
How to wear neon shoes like Katy Perry's. Page 4.
How to Get a Free Prom Dress
How to get a free prom dress for your big night.
How To Take Perfect Prom Pictures
How to ensure that your pictures will forever capture the best night of your life.
The Most Popular Prom Dresses From Misses Dressy
Misses Dressy reveals their best-selling prom dresses this season! Page 4.
Cute Homecoming Hair Ideas
Copy these cute homecoming hair ideas for your dance! Updos, curls and braids perfect for the dance.
Prom Makeup Ideas Inspired by Lucy Hale
Prom makeup inspired by Lucy Hale, prom makeup ideas, prom makeup looks
Romantic Prom Themes
Planning a prom? Check out these nine romantic prom themes for your dance!
The Best Prom Websites for Prom Planning
These top prom websites will make planning and decorating your prom a snap.
Homecoming Beauty Ideas
Homecoming beauty ideas - Hair and makeup looks for the dance!
How to Break in Shoes for a Formal
Tips for breaking in your oxfords, heels or flats before a big dance.
10 Steps to the Best Quinceanera Ever
From your dress to your damas, here are 10 steps to the best Quinceanera ever.
Prama: What It Is and How To Avoid It
What does “prama” mean?: "Prama" is a term coined by the New York Times that means "prom drama." Because
Ideas for Prom Venues
Creative ideas for prom venues. It's all about location!
What To Do If Your Prom Date Isn't Great
How to deal with a less than great prom date.
How to Write a Romantic Prom Proposal
Write a romantic prom proposal letter and get your potential date to say yes!
Stay Stylish & Cozy in Winter Tights
How to wear winter tights the right way!
Cheap Prom Dress: Forever 21's Strapless...
Cheap Prom Dress: Forever 21's Strapless Rosette Dress, $29.80. Page 4.
Unexpected Accessories for Prom
Never overlook the importance of hip, unexpected accessories on prom. Let your hip personal style shine with stylish extras - everything from a bright contrasting stiletto to a sweet bow headband to an edgy coat of black nail polish.
Photos: Blake Lively's Best Hairstyles
Photos: Blake Lively's Best Hairstyles - How to Get Blake Lively's Hair
Fun Crimped Hairstyles for Formals!
Crimped Hairstyles - Crimp Updos - Get Funky Hair for Formals! Page 7.
A Look at Nina Dobrev’s Bold Style
Nina Dobrev's best outfits, dresses and red carpet looks! Get Nina's style!
Summer Ponytails for Grad Parties & BBQs
Summer ponytails - summer hair ideas - summer hairstyles
Summer Lip Color Ideas for Parties
The best summer lip colors, lip glosses for summer
Winter Formal Style Tips
Don't get stuck bare-armed in a strapless dress with a frigid breeze blowing up your dress. Instead, look effortlessly warm with these style tips.
Prom Makeup: Blake Lively's Two-Tone Eyes
How to get Blake's two-tone eyeshadow.
Photos: Prom Updos To Die For
Photos of prom and formal updos for all hair lengths!
Prom Shoes for Boys
The classic black tux is painstakingly easy to choose; the formal shoes, however, are far more complicated. The key is to find a pair that manages to be comfortable - comfortable on your foot and comfortable on your ego.
Beauty Tips for Prom
Beauty tips for prom night - Skincare, makeup and hair tips for prom preparations!
How to Find Cheap Prom Dresses
Tips for finding cheap prom dresses.
Best Time to Find Inexpensive Prom Dresses
Know when the sales are to score a prom dress bargain.
Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair
A front side braid is an easy and chic homecoming hair style, and works especially well with short hair! Page 4.
Rihanna's Shiny Silver Dress
Rihanna's signature short party dresses provide serious red carpet inspiration for prom. With such a consistently impressive wardrobe, we would rather stand in Rihanna's closet than under her umbrella. Page 3.
The Best Beauty Secrets You Haven't Tried Yet
Beauty secrets for teens - Beauty tips for girls
Trends for Prom 2013!
Trends for Prom 2013: The It Dresses, Colors and Silhouettes This Season! Page 6.
How to Shop for a Prom Dress
The ins and outs of prom shopping. Research dress trends, flatter your figure, determine your prom budget, and start shopping online.
How to Wear Prom Headbands
How to wear prom headbands, prom hair accessories and formal headbands
Kendall and Kylie Jenner's Summer Dresses
Kendall and Kylie Jenner's best summer looks - photos - pictures - style inspiration
Defining Dance and Party Dress Codes
Definitions of white tie, black tie, formal, semi-formal, cocktail and dressy casual dress codes.
Taylor's White Grecian Stunner
Expertly mixing cocktail dresses with cowgirl boots and pretty gowns with ponytails, we are constantly inspired by Taylor Swift's sophisticated red carpet style.
How To Dress Down Your Prom Dress
Instead of storing your prom dress in the deepest depths of your closet, give it new life with casual jackets, trendy scarves, and bookish cardigans.
The Ultimate Guide to Prom Gown Designers
From Alyce Paris to Jovani and Faviana, it's the ultimate list of prom gown designers!
Emma Watson's Peacock Print Chiffon Dress
From scholarly witch to budding fashionista, Emma Watson - known for playing the role of Hermione in the Harry Potter series - has been charming the red carpet circuit with her gorgeous designer dresses and hip, polished demeanor. Page 8.
18 Unique Homecoming Dresses Under a Hundred...
Shopping guide: Unique homecoming dresses under $100 - Where to find affordable dresses for homecoming!
Plan your winter dance with these winter formal...
Winter formal theme ideas for your dance committee!
Emma Watson Dresses
Emma Watson’s red carpet dresses are for the serious fashionista.
Studded Heels on the Red Carpet
Lightly studded heels are hot. Proms / Formal Dances. Page 2.
Nail Ideas for Prom
Photos of nail art and designs you can do yourself! Give yourself a cool manicure for prom or homecoming.
Elegant Hairdos for Formal Dances
Elegant Hairdos - Formal Updos - Classic Prom Hair
Summer Hairstyles for Formal Occasions
From braids to waves and twists, try one of these styles for your summer event.
How to Wear a Plaid Dress
Six ways to take a plaid dress and turn it into a fall dance-worthy outfit.
A Princess Ballgown
Elegant long prom dresses for 2011. Page 10.
Prom Nail Inspiration From the Red Carpet
Prom nail ideas, prom manicure ideas, prom nail tutorials, nail art on the red carpet, prom nail designs
Prom Dresses That Flatter Your Figure
Flatter your figure on prom night. Discover the best dresses for your body type.
Just for Guys: Teen Grooming Tips for Prom
Just for guys: how to groom yourself and look hot for prom!
Trend How To: Peplum Dress
Peplum dresses, defined as, a "short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a dress or skirt,"
Dakota Fanning: Prom Style Inspiration
Want prom style inspiration from a celeb who attends a real high school like you? Check out Dakota Fanning.
Prom History: A Primer
Prom history is something most teacher's don't cover in class. So, brush up on the background of our favorite teen tradition before hitting the dance floor.
Cheap Prom Dress Picks From Forever 21
Cheap prom dress shopping is so much easier when you pop by Forever 21.
Taylor's Pretty Pink Corset Gown
Expertly mixing cocktail dresses with cowgirl boots and pretty gowns with ponytails, we are constantly inspired by Taylor Swift's sophisticated red carpet style. Page 9.

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