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Baby Word Scramble

Formal Style Inspiration: The BET Awards

Adrienne Baillon's white gown at the BET Awards.

Ask the Celebs: How to Wear White to Your Summer Parties

Emma Watson's gorgeous flowing white dress at the Noah movie premiere.

Pretty Little Liars Summer Style Inspiration

The cast of Pretty Little Liars shows off their summer style.

How to Rock the Purple Hair Trend

Jordin Sparks' purple ombre hair.

The Best Prom Apps for iPhone

Download these prom apps for iPhone to help design your dress, create a makeup look, craft a hairstyle, and stay on budget.

Essential iPhone Apps for Prom

Here's another reason to love your iPhone: there are apps that are totally essential to your prom planning. From apps that let you perform a virtual makeover on

Prom Tanning: Skip the UV Rays

For some gals, getting a perfect prom glow is as important as finding the ultimate dress. Instead of laying out or hopping in a tanning bed, try a sunless

Reader Mail: What Can I Expect at Prom?

I recently received this e-mail from a reader: My prom is coming up really in about a month. I'm only a sophomore that was invited to go by a junior. None of

Does Prom Really Cost $1,000?

What are teens spending on prom these days? What are their parents spending? It can be in the neighborhood of $1,000... according to a recent study by Visa. See

The Fake Prom Dress Test

You've endlessly surfed the web for a deal on your dream prom dress... and you finally find it! It's half-off, comes in ten more colors than it does on the

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