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Dress Basics

How to wear the latest trends, flatter your figure and coloring, find your style and more!
  1. Shopping for Formal Wear (9)

Dresses for My Body Type
How to dress for your body, whether you're a beanpole, pear-shaped, short, tall or somewhere in the middle!

How to Wear a Dress Without a Bra
Wear strapless, one-shoulder and low-back dresses with confidence and support!

Tips for Wearing a Backless Dress
Make the most of your dress... look like you're wearing a bra when you really aren't!

Crack Your Formal Dress Code
Should you wear a formal or semi-formal dress? What's the difference? Does fabric matter? Here's how to figure out what special occasion dress to wear!

The Ultimate Guide to Prom Gown Designers
From Alyce Paris to Jovani and Faviana, it's the ultimate list of prom gown designers!

Is it a Fake Prom Dress?
How to tell if it's a fake prom dress website selling counterfeit gowns. Don't get scammed!

Fashion, dress and fit tips for plus-size, curvy and full-figured teens...
Dress and fit tips for the fashionable and curvy girl!

Seven Prom Dress Donts and How to Avoid Them
Keep the bling to a minimum, avoid being too matchy-matchy and follow the dress code to prevent a prom fashion disaster.

Dress Up a Boring Gown With These Tips!
Make your plain dress new again with these tips that anyone can pull off!

Defining Dance and Party Dress Codes
Definitions of white tie, black tie, formal, semi-formal, cocktail and dressy casual dress codes.

Find the Right Dress for Your Shape
Style and shopping tips that will flatter your figure the most.

How Do I Find My Style?
Find your formal style in a snap!

How to Design Your Own Prom Dress… Online!
Online boutiques that will sew custom dresses, a prom dress maker and where to get free dress patterns online.

How to Wear Evening Separates
How to pair a skirt with a top for any dance.

How to Glam Up A Simple Dress
Dress up your simple dress with these easy tips and make your outfit more glamorous!

Prom Dresses That Flatter Your Figure
Flatter your figure on prom night. Discover the best dresses for your body type.

Where to Wear Your Prom Dress Again
College mixers, weddings and pageants are the perfect occasions for re-wearing your prom gown!

After Prom Clothes
What to wear to your post-prom party!

How To Wear A Fancy Skirt To A Formal Event
Take a cue from Miley Cyrus, and wear a fancy skirt to a formal event. Skip the dress, opt glamorous separates, and double your wardrobe options.

What's the best dress silhouette for plus size shapes?
What's the best dress silhouette for plus size girls? Is strapless the way to go? Does a corset create a slimmingly sleek shape? Do halters add the perfect amount of protection? Or are one-shouldered dresses the way to go?

The Best Prom Dresses for Plus Size Girls
Never let a size dictate your style. The best prom dresses for plus size girls flatter every figure with serious aplomb.

How To Wear White (Well After Labor Day)
Sleek and sassy, white is a great color for formalwear, from summer through spring, regardless of what the ancient fashion proverbs say. Learn how to wear white well after Labor Day.

How To Dress Down Your Prom Dress
Instead of storing your prom dress in the deepest depths of your closet, give it new life with casual jackets, trendy scarves, and bookish cardigans.

Fancy Outerwear for Formals
For weather predicaments or fashion purposes, adding another layer to your party dress can really up the glamour ante.

Summer BBQ Outfit Ideas
Outfit ideas for summer 2012 parties - Barbecue outfit ideas

How to Wear a Plaid Dress
Six ways to take a plaid dress and turn it into a fall dance-worthy outfit.

The Best Dress Colors for Your Eye Color
Want your eyes to pop against your dress color? Here's how.

Which Colors Flatter Your Skin Tone?
The best colors to match any skin tone- dark, olive, medium or fair. When it comes to dresses- the color matters as much as the fit!

Finding the Right Bra for Your Dress
Different cup sizes require different support bras. From petals to stick-on cups and shapewear, there's a solution for your formal dress!

How to Glam Up Any Dress for New Year's
Instead of buying a new dress for New Year's or holiday parties, turn a dress you already have into a totally new one with these tricks!

Look Fab and Avoid These Formal Fashion Mistakes
Avoid these formal fashion mistakes and look fab at your formal dance or party!

The Prom Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed
Body shapers, bobby pins, hair spray and stick-on bras... don't forget these wardrobe essentials on prom night!

Dress Like You Have a Stylist
How to look totally put together... like your favorite celebs!

Buyer Beware: How to Spot a Fake Prom Dress
Don't get scammed! Shop smart with these tips.

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