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How to Wear a Dress Without a Bra

Tips for strapless, one-shoulder and low-back formal dresses


You've found the perfect dress! It looks awesome on the mannequin. You've even seen your favorite celeb rock a similar style on the red carpet. So you try it on and it looks super flattering... until you get to your chest and shoulder area. Your bra is totally visible underneath your armpit! Your bra straps are showing! Or maybe your dress is so low in the back that there's no way you can wear a bra at all.

But wait... don't give up on your dream dress! There are options, my friend.

Some girls can go bra-less (though you'll still need something to cover your breasts... more on that later), while other girls need some kind of cup support. Whatever your boob situation, here are the best ways to wear a dress without a bra and look your best:

1. Wear a lacy bandeau

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If your dress is simply strapless and still has a normal-length back, you can get away with wearing a comfy lacy bandeau bra. It will still give you the support you need, without the annoying pinch of a bra or bra cups.

2. Try a strapless body shaper

A body shaper usually covers you from your thighs to your breasts, and has the added advantage of sucking in everything and giving it a nice, supported shape. Try a strapless body shaper in a nude color, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the sleek shape your figure takes on.

3. Try a corset on for size

A corset may sound old-fashioned, but they've been around for years for a reason! Corsets will suck everything in and give your breasts a lift, which can be flattering and supportive.

These options work best with strapless and one-shoulder dresses that have a normal length back. If you're dealing with a cutout back or a low, plunging back, you're going to need something a little different. Try...

4. Bra petals

Bra petals are nude colored stickers in the shape of a flower that fit right over your nipples. If you're going completely braless, be sure to wear a bra petal! They'll prevent your nipples from making any unwanted appearances underneath your fabric if it gets cold, or if the flash of a camera suddenly makes your dress completely see-through! I've seen that happen to celebs on red carpets and it is not pretty.

5. Stick-on bra cups

Yes, you can just buy the bra cup! They stick onto your skin underneath each breast, giving it a lift and providing support. These are great for girls who are a B-cup and above.

6. Hollywood Fashion Tape

A staple for many celebs and stylists, Hollywood Fashion Tape is skin-safe double-sided tape that will fasted your fabric directly to your skin (or anything else), effectively preventing any unwanted slippage or accidents. You can use fashion tape to secure the front part of a strapless dress, a plunging V-neck, or a thin bra strap to a thin dress strap.

7. Boob Glue

Boob Glue is meant to be spread all over your breast, and literally fashions it right inside your bra cup or dress. It's a gentle adhesive that's skin and fabric safe.

8. Visit your local tailor

An experienced tailor can sew a support system, bra cups or extra lining right into your dress. I had this done for my junior cotillion dress, and I didn't have to worry about anything all night!

Remember, you're going to want to dance, jump, move around and take fun photos all night. Be sure that your dress can handle it all!
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