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13 Halloween Dance Songs

Add these creepy songs to your Halloween playlist.


If you’re lucky enough to go to a school that throws a Halloween-themed dance, you’re in for a night filled with candy, costumes and creepy décor! The DJ will probably play tried-and-true Halloween dance songs like “Thriller” and “Monster Mash.” For a new twist, get the DJ to add these spooky, haven't-been-thought-of Halloween songs to the playlist. Your dance will really get going!

Note: Get in touch with the DJ about two weeks before your dance to make sure they have these songs loaded up and ready to play. As a back-up, bring your own Halloween mix CD or playlist loaded onto an MP3 player or memory stick.

1. Ke$ha – “Cannibal” (2010)

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Professional party girl Ke$ha declares that she’s a cannibal, she’ll eat boys up and then drink their blood. The lyrics are creepy and the beat is so hard that it’ll make even the most dance-floor-shy guy want to jump up and down.

2. My Chemical Romance – “Dead” (2008)

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The macabre rockers manage to turn a song about a person who died in a hospital bed into something that’s absolutely dance-able. This tune will please rock and pop lovers alike.

3. The Killers – “White Demon Love Song” (2009)

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When it’s time for a slow dance, this song will set a romantic but spooky vibe. Plus, it’s straight off “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” soundtrack, which Twi-hards will adore.

4. Christina Aguilera – “Show Me How You Burlesque” (2010)

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Halloween is all about costumes, and so is burlesque dancing! This song is fast, sexy and easy to strut to. It’s straight off the “Burlesque” movie soundtrack.

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5. Rihanna – “Disturbia” (2008)

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Rihanna goes a bit crazy in this song- she has a diseased mind and feels like she’s going insane in a place called “Disturbia.” It’s dark, but perfect for dancing.

6. Aqua – “Halloween” (2000)

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The dance-pop duo who brought you “Barbie Girl” also released this song about a nightmarish trick-or-treat experience. This song is recommended for dance-goers on the younger side.

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7. Oingo Boingo – “Dead Man’s Party” (1985)

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All the people at this party are dead, and to gain admission, you’ll have to leave your body at the door. This is a classic 80’s dance beat with plenty of synthesizers, and a perfect Halloween dance song.

8. Lady Gaga – “Monster” (2009)

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What if you turned to your date and they had suddenly transformed into a monster? Lady Gaga claims that a boy she once knew is actually a monster who ate her heart in this groove.

9. TLC - “Creep” (1994)

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Throw some 90’s R&B into your Halloween playlist with the song by girl group TLC. It’s about a lonely girl who’s longing for her ex. “So I creep, yeah. Just keep it on the down low.”

10. Rick James – “Super Freak” (1981)

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This is an ode to a super freaky girl, “the kind you don’t take home to mama,” and the kind whose favorite holiday is probably Halloween. Rick James’ sometimes-creepy voice adds to the Halloween-ness of this song.

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